Unique Christmasy Wedding Ideas to make any big day extra festive!

Christmas weddings can be quite magical. Christmas already has a very romantic association with it where you spend time with your loved family and friends. More and more people are starting to have Christmas Weddings as theming these events can be truly wonderful and special. I was on Etsy today, who as we all know have a fabulous range of just about anything! I picked out some of my favourite wedding products to add that magical touch to your big day. If you are getting married at Christmas why not go all out! All products can be found on Etsy and all images are courtesy of Etsy.


Christmas Invitations
If you are getting married in December (Christmas Season) you will be sending your invitations late October, early November so it is fitting to send Christmas themed ones as this is when your wedding day will take place. You can either theme your design to be festive or how about go for something completely different like the invitation bauble pictured here. The bauble contains ribbon with all the information you need on it. Once you have read it you can put it back in the bauble and place it on your Christmas Tree! This will also be a great keepsake for close family. Love this idea!!
Festive Favours
 Why not be unique and give your guests something cute and festive that they can keep as a Christmas decoration for the future. I adore this idea of ‘Elf dust’ as will the kids at home!
Photo booth Props!
Photo booths seem to appear at plenty of weddings nowadays as many photographers are including this service in their packages. Check with your photographer if he has any Christmas Props but you can also purchase these from Etsy. Looking back on the photos you are sure to get a laugh with people dressed like snowmen and Santa. Bring a long some cotton wool to look like snow for added effect!
Christmas Confetti
Confetti is always at weddings. Somebody will always end up bringing some along whether you like it or not. Why not purchase lovely confetti like these below and give the flowergirl a basket full of little bags of Christmas confetti which she can give to your guests. A cute touch!


Christmas Stockings  
This could be very charming if there is a blazing fireplace in your venue. Either these two white ones for the bride and groom or you could purchase normal ones and use them as a guestbook alternative. Get your guests to write messages to you and place them in the stockings! Could be fun reading your messages on your first Chrsitmas Day as a married couple.

Christmas Boutonnieres


No doubt if you are having a Christmas wedding the Bride and Bridesmaid bouquets are going to be full of seasonal flowers. How about adding a touch of joy to your groom and groomsmen with these boutonnieres. Either purchase those that are fake or speak to your florist about having fresh ones made on the day.
Hanger for your gown!
I have always loved the idea of a personalised hanger for the Bride as it is a day she will only experience once and a dress she will only wear once will be hung on it. It is something that you can keep forever and everytime you look at it you will have floods of memories of your exceptional time.
Christmas Cake Toppers
You may have chosen a wedding cake that is particularly festive looking to begin with. If not and your cake is quite plain why not top with something adorable and wintery. These Snowmen are idyllic or get your baker to make a very small cake in the shape of a present for the top of the cake. There are plenty of ideas so have a think! 
Christmas Signage
Signs are quite prominent in weddings these days especially if your wedding is spread over a large area with lots of outdoor grounds. They make fantastic photograph features and add a touch of mystical feel to a wedding. You could even prop a few up about Santa or his workshop or elves quarters. Searching for them will keep the kids entertained for hours!
Festive Escort Cards
This might be one of my favourite trinkets I stumbled across as I am a huge lover of pine cones in Christmas wedding décor. These escort cards will be adored by your guests and could also be easy to DIY if you can readily get your hands on some pine cones!
It might not be Christmas just yet but if you are getting married this Christmas it isn’t too late to pick up a few additional pieces or if you are getting married Christmas 2014 start looking around for some inspiration and make a few purchases now!


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