The Pre Wedding Prep! – How to look your best on you wedding day!

You have just got engaged, you now have a beautiful diamond ring sitting on your wedding finger, ideas are flowing and some things are being booked. It is always one of the first things that a bride will say once a date has been set – I need to start my diet! Now, some people are lucky enough to be able to stay trim and the same weight all year round, others not so much and if you would like to loose weight for the big day it needs to be done in the right way. However, as a bride your primary concern should not be with weight, it should be with your appearance as a whole and that comes from healthy eating, exercise and careful maintenance of yourself! Here are a breakdown of things you need to consider once the date is in that diary!
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Hair & Nails & Skin
– You may want your hair long on your wedding day but not cutting it until a month  before the wedding is not a good idea. Get you hair trimmed every 2 months or so. This will give it a great healthy look and feel and prevent those split ends. You will find you hair will also grow faster.
– If you want to have your hair a particular colour on your wedding day begin that transformation as soon as you can. If you are in the process of going blonde this takes a while (the healthy way).
– Don’t change your hair colour a month before the wedding. Majority of the time this is a bad idea as getting it back to what it was originally will be extremely difficult, expensive and will ruin the condition of your hair.
– Use a hair mask in your hair once a week. Also if you are a fan of hair straighteners use heat protector spray to minimise the split ends and dryness that will occur as a result.
– Look after your hair in the sun. The sun can dry your hair out immensely, condition and treat accordingly.
– If you can afford it get a manicure in the beauticians every 6 weeks. If not these things can be done at home but require more time and patience.
– Use nail strengthener if you have weak nails, this will build up nail quality over time. You need nice nails to be showing off your rings!
– Avoid sunbeds – yes they are an immediate answer to tanned skin but they will age you faster and linked to skin cancer.
– Take hair, skin and nail vitamins as soon as you are engaged. They do make a significant difference.
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– Do not crash diet at any point coming up to the wedding. These diets don’t work!! And you will as a result gain weight very fast again.
– Eat healthily:
  • Cut out white carbohydates e.g. white pasta, white rice, white bread and replace with brown equivalents.
  • Bump up your intake of fruit and vegetables. Try not to eat fruit after 3pm as it contains a lot of sugar. Eat plenty of green vegetables they are fantastic for your health.
  • Drink plenty of water, this flushes your system out completely and will give you a great complexion.
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  • Eat lots of protein in the form of eggs, meat, nuts
  • Avoid sugar and cakes as often as is possible.
  • Limit your alcohol intake 6 weeks before the wedding for more of a ‘glow’
  • Give up smoking or cut down as this will improve the condition of your hair and skin.
**Treats** – These need to be had, it is not realistic to think that you won’t have treats at all before the wedding. Nominate a day a week where you can have some nice things. Special occasions and events are obviously allowed. You are human not a dieting robot!
Exercise is key for body and soul. Not only will you become fitter, toned and energetic, it is good to clear the mind. Aim for three 30 minute sessions a week (not just a walk but something that gets your heart rate up). If you aren’t a member of a gym and hate jogging/running, exercise DVD’s or clips on you tube are always great and can be done from home.
The Mind
Getting married can be very stressful. If you are not the organiser type it would be advisable to hire a wedding planner. If you are all about planning your own wedding make sure you have plenty of help and people are willing to assist you.
It is important to stay focused on your own life, work, your partner, friends & family at this time. Life isn’t all about ‘The big day’, it is a significant part of it but you don’t want to become a bridezilla. This will also prevent you from having a serious comedown post wedding when you actually don’t remember what you did with your spare time before you got engaged!
Take some time to relax, have baths with oils and candles and incense especially when times are stressful. Turn your planning events with your bridal party into a fun experience with some food and drinks (as long as the work gets done!).
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When all is said and done, it is important that you are happy on your wedding day – happy with your body, happy in your head. Follow the above tips but not to an excessive point and this will definitely carry through so that you can start your life living happily ever after……
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