The centre of attention – The Wedding Cake – Is it really that important?!

When you attend a wedding as a guest and you enter into the dining room, the place is filled with tables of beautiful décor and flowers, music flows in the background and there it is in the center of it all – The wedding cake! I believe the wedding cake is central to a wedding, it sets the tone, carries the theme through and shows off the style of the bride and groom. It also makes a great photo opportunity for the cutting of the cake and signifies a special moment.  Here are some reasons to invest time and money into your cake. Prepare for some mouth watering flavors and fabulous inspiration!
History of the wedding cake
Wedding cakes date back to as far as Roman times before icing was even invented! Cakes took the form of a loaf of barely bread where the groom would eat some of the bread and then break the remainder over the bride’s head signifying him breaking her into womanhood.
Overtime, the bread began to take more of a sweet form as tradition turned to pies filled with sweet breads or mince pies in which they used to hide a glass ring and the woman to eat it would be next to be wed!
It was in the late 19th century that a more traditional ‘bride’s cake’ emerged that was generally a plum cake and it was quite a while before the traditional three tiered sponge white iced cake came into existence. Oh how things have changed drastically more recently!
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The tradition of a three tiered white cake is long gone with colorful themed cakes, cakes made from chocolate flakes and cupcake cakes all making a stand. Try not to over decorate however, ribbons, roses, flowers, diamantes are all best in moderation. Sometimes less is more. Also, be careful if you are having a colorful cake as the icing sometimes may be a strange inedible color!
As much as the cupcake cake is practical and fabulous to look at it also carries with it a more ‘informal cake’ feel so bear in mind what you are portraying to your guests.
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Flavours & Fakes
Depending on the number of guests attending the wedding will determine how many tiers of ‘real cake’ and ‘fake cake’ you will require. If you want a five tier cake, it doesn’t all need to be edible! The great invention of polystyrene layers makes bigger cakes more feasible without great waste. It is important to note it won’t save you a huge amount to use these ‘fake tiers’ as the pricing is in the decorating.
When you have decided how many tiers will be ‘real cake’ you can decide on what flavors you require! Most cake companies will do nearly all flavors and if you have a particular requirement it will be entertained. Here are some suggestions: Fruit, carrot, coconut & lime buttercream, rainbow cake, lemon cake, red velvet cake, chocolate biscuit cake, chocolate fudge, Victoria sponge, raspberry & white chocolate, Guinness & baileys, caramel, rocky road, coffee buttercream, mint chocolate biscuit, white chocolate biscuit, banana walnut, madeira and orange chocolate biscuit!
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Groom’s Cake
This is a tradition dating way back that was generally used as a surprise for the groom from his bride on the day of the wedding depicting a part of his personality. Nowadays, groom’s cakes are for the groom to assert his own mark on the day! They also make a great addition if you are having a weekend wedding and would like a cake for the event the day after!
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Of course if cake isn't your thing and you really don't want to spend money on something you are just not passionate about there are alternatives out there. Have a cake made of circles of cheese, a profiterole tower or a delicious fruit dessert or a cake made of ice cream. Be creative if you are mixing it up a little bit, that way it will still stand out and make a statement.
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Points to consider
  • It is important to research cakes, look through bridal magazines, on websites or photographs of others weddings. You may not know what style of wedding cake you would like until you see lots of different variations.


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  • Collaborate ideas with your groom. The bride does get to do a lot of the choosing of certain things at weddings so have your groom partake in this. The cake should reflect the personalities of both of you.


  • Book your baker early! This will give you plenty of time to discuss your ideas with your baker as they are going to have plenty of inspiration for you. Make sure to visit Wedding Fairs in the run up to your wedding as you can meet with bakers and avail of discounts.


  • Be ware the truthful baker! This is a great thing as a baker is going to make you what you require, they are providing a service after all but they aren't going to create something that will look ridiculous both for the sake of your wedding and for the sake of their business.

Be careful with what cake topper you choose, match it to your theme. If you are going classic don't stick a tacky topper on top. Fresh flowers make great alternatives to the traditional man and woman

cupcake weddingswedding cakes marguerite I hope you have gained some insight into why a fuss should be made over wedding cakes. I think they are a delight to research and be inspired by. Remember they don't have to break the bank, shop around for a good price and cut corners i.e. you may want 7 tiers  but you do not need 7 tiers!!!!
Happy cake surfing :)!
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