Six Unique Wedding Gifts That Any Bride and Groom Will Use

Wedding registries have made gift giving streamlined and simple for most weddings. However, sometimes registries make it more difficult to give a gift from the heart. That toaster oven might not convey your joy over the happy couple’s love for each other as much as you would like. If you are tired of boring registries but still want to give the bride and groom a useful gift, try some of these unique  gifts they may not have picked for themselves, but are sure to love:


Enamelled Cast Iron Cookware
Cast iron cookware is a must-have item for many, but often times couples don’t think about this is as being a necessity, so it’s not always on the registry. Make this durable and useful gift fun with brightly coloured enamelling. Several brands offer custom-coloured enamelling on their high performance cookware items for a bright and colour coordinated kitchen gift that is both beautiful and practical.
Crystal Bowls
Genuine cut crystal serving bowls and presentation sets make an elegant, useful and long-lasting wedding gift that the happy couple is sure to appreciate year after year. Decorative Waterford Crystal bowls, stemware, centrepieces and other serving items are a beautiful and unique way to celebrate the couples’ coming life together. This is the kind of gift that the couple can display in their home as a decoration when they aren’t using it.
Museum Membership

A perfect gift for adventurous and intellectual couples, a museum membership is a unique way to give knowledge and experience as a wedding gift. Art, history or science museum memberships are ideal for couple who love to learn and grow together. Choose a local or favourite museum with lots of special events for a lasting gift that keeps on giving. The happy couple will appreciate a gift like this, so they can go on dates and spend time together without spending extra money.

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Cashmere Blankets
Warm, fluffy, and luxuriously comfortable, cashmere blankets and throws make a gorgeous and useful addition to a new home that few couples think to ask for. Close knit from premium wool, lightweight cashmere blankets provide a lightweight and comfy warmth that is ideal for adding a touch of class and comfort to a new home.


Lamps and other useful lighting fixtures make an illuminating and practical gift for couples who are just starting a home together. Beautiful Waterford Lamps provide a perfect accent to a wide variety of design schemes, blending well with other furniture for an elegant and thoughtful gift that will brighten the bride and groom’s home for years to come. Beautiful designer lamps allow you to choose from funky, stylish, or simple designs to complement the bride and groom’s unique taste.

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Vacuum Cleaner
For a supremely practical gift, a high end vacuum cleaner is a beast of a domestic appliance that ensures the couple’s new home will remain spic and span. While a regular vacuum cleaner gets the job done, a high performance brand such as a Miele or a Dyson is something every couple needs but few will ask for.
Impress the bride and groom with these unique gifts that they will appreciate. While it’s fun to give them something different, it’s important that the couple will find the item useful. You can’t go wrong with these fun and useful wedding gifts.
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This is a guest blogpost from Anita Ginsburg.

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Tired of Seeing the same Registry Items - 6 Ideas for Unique Gifts any couple will enjoy


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