Six Things to Talk about before Tying the Knot

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There are several important topics that all couples should discuss before getting married. Talking about these things ahead of time can help a couple make sure they agree when it comes to major life decisions. You don’t want to get married and then find out that you have opposite views on a major issue.
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One of the first questions many newly married couples will hear from friends and family is about when they plan on having children. Some people want to have their first baby right away, while others may want to wait or never have children at all. It is important that a couple talks about kids before marriage so they’re on the same page when they are put on the spot later.
Extended Family
Where a couple wants to spend their holidays is something that often doesn’t get discussed until after it has become a problem. Tackling this issue before walking down the aisle can prevent many arguments later. Rotating holidays is a common solution, but waiting to decide can make both partners unwilling to compromise.
Few people enjoy discussing money, especially if they are in debt. When one person owes a great deal of money or has bad credit it can negatively affect their partner. Paying down debt or using a program like the credit repair services at Lexington Law can help make the transition to joint finances easier than it would be otherwise. When you get married, you might now have two incomes to live off, but you’ll also have twice the debt if you aren’t careful.

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Home Sweet Home
Even if they already agree on where they’re going to live, couples should still talk about their dream home. If one partner wants to live in a modern condo and the other wants to live in a farmhouse with a picket fence, then there could be some problems in the future. Ideally, both partners should agree on the size, style and general location of their dream home.
Household Chores
It may seem silly, but one of the common causes of fights in a marriage is the division of household chores. If one partner grew up in a home where everyone pitched in and the other grew up in a home with traditional gender roles, they may have a hard time compromising. Deciding who will be responsible for each chore before cohabiting can help prevent one spouse from feeling like they are the only one who does anything around the house.

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Career Plans
If you get married younger, especially if you haven’t worked your way into a steady job field, this is an important subject. You need to discuss where your job may take you. Maybe you are happy with the job you have now, but are planning for a promotion in a bigger office across the country. Talk about future career plans so that if the opportunity comes up in the future, you already have an idea of what you want to do. This is also important when it comes to children. Discuss whether both parents are going to continue working or if one will stay home with the children while they are young.
No couple can completely avoid arguing after marriage, but talking about the important things beforehand can help. It doesn’t hurt to revisit the topics after the wedding day either, to make sure that both people are still on the same page. You will never be able to completely plan for the future, as plans change and life can be unpredictable. At least discussing these subjects can help you get a better idea of where your partner stands or even just how willing they are to compromise.
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