Planning a Wedding on a Tight Budget – Here’s 5 Ways to do it Gracefully!

A wedding is a joyous occasion. Two people promise publically to share their lives together in front of the state and their dearest friends and relatives. Unfortunately, a wedding can also involve huge expenses that the wedding party may find hard to meet. Luckily, there are ways to reduce the potential cost of the great occasion while still having the kind of wedding you want. 

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Reduce Location Expenses

Chose a lower cost location for your wedding. If you have a big backyard, hold the wedding on your own acreage. If you don’t, ask a friend who does if she will let you borrow hers. Other low cost yet equally elegant options exist. Public parks often allow people to rent a small area of the park for a few hours. Similar arrangements can be made with public beaches. 

Choose the Right Time and Go Local With Food

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Consider holding the wedding during the afternoon rather than during the day. Many catering places charge less for lunch than dinner. Using local, seasonal ingredients can also help keep costs down. For example, if you are looking for catering in Houston, ask the caterers to showcase locally produced ingredients like chiles and hominy. 

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Make Your Own Dress

If you are skilled at sewing, consider creating your own one of kind wedding dress. Wedding appropriate fabrics such as lace and satins are widely available. Basic dress patterns can be purchased at low cost as well. 
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Use Unconventional Wedding Cakes 

Order a plain white cake and decorate it to your tastes. Or use non-traditional and fun alternative wedding cakes that can be baked even by inexperienced bakers like donuts and cupcakes. Place individual toppings customized to each guest on each cake for a memorable touch. 

Decorate Sensibly

Flowers and decorations are another area where you can compromise yet still have an beautiful wedding. If you have enough time and enough space, grow your own wedding flowers. Devote a section of your property to local flowers that will compliment your wedding decorating theme. If you don’t have a backyard, consider using other types of wedding decorations. Use seashells for a beach themed wedding party. Bring in low cost pine for a Christmas / December wedding. 
A wedding should be a time when the bride focuses on having fun and sharing her happiness with those she loves most. With the right planning, even a bride on a budget can have the wedding of her dreams without spending a fortune.
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This is a guest blogpost from Meghan Belnap, a blogger from Oklahoma.


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