Casual Wedding? 4 Ways to Keep your Theme Simple and Intimate

Sometimes the simplest wedding can also be the most poignant, poetic, meaningful, and intimate. Themes can muck up the archetypal messaging and set a poor tone for the whole event, so it’s important to think about how to keep it from becoming overdone, maudlin, or cliché. A theme of the aquarium would just be ridiculous, almost laughable, and roses, while nice at the ceremony, would just be too cliché.

A theme at a casual wedding should not be overbearing. It should be easy to work in and reference without it hitting you too much over the head. What you don’t want to achieve is groans from your wedding party or those attending. Themes that work nicely for weddings are flowers, moonbeams, sunshine, rivers, hearts, and circles to echo the wedding ring and symbolism of the union. So as to avoid the wringing hands and groaning, here are four tips to keep your theme simple and intimate.

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Subtle Décor
While many brides like to put their theme right in your face, there is a way to reflect the theme on the cake or on the placards at the table without calling too much attention to it. Sprinkle the theme throughout the ceremony, in the program, on the cake, in the invitation script, but be sure to do so sparingly and tastefully. Sometimes, a little symbol goes a long way, so always keep this fact in mind. Sometimes brides get too caught up in the theme, and they think that absolutely everything has to fit within those colours, or that theme, however, many beautiful wedding receptions are ones that have more variety in the display.
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Keep the Dress Code Simple
Many brides put a lot of time into coordinating and stressing over what the wedding party will wear. While this is an important factor, mostly because of photos, don’t let it being an overbearing factor. You can keep things casual by letting your bridesmaids choose their own dress—just give them a color, or even a few colors to choose from, and then they can be coordinating, but not necessarily “matching.” If you want to really keep things simple, ask your wedding party to choose neutral colors. Depending on your groom’s personality, or the nature of your relationship, it may be fine for him to go more casual. Although tuxedos are popular, it is not a rule that your groom has to wear one. You can find plenty of casual suits, or just have your groom go without a tie if you are having an outdoor ceremony. Some suits within the Vito fashion label have good options for suits that are perfect for the casual groom who might not be into coattails and cufflinks.
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Incorporate the Theme in the Ceremony
Mention the theme, by name, in your vows. Writing a little addendum to your vows is a great way to reinforce the driving symbolic nature of the theme without it becoming overly boring or tedious due to repetition. Be subtle with your inclusion here if you decide to go this route. The subtlety is sure to echo the theme and bless the marriage with the imagery and metaphor that you wish to honour. You could also choose a poem or reading for the ceremony that reflects the theme without calling overt attention to it. A poem would be a subtle way to echo and highlight the theme while representing it in a fresh, new way. Echoes are a strong way to reinforce the theme in general, and sometimes it is better to have a more intellectual or intangible theme that truly describes your relationship.
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Music Selection

Finally, if the wedding itself is casual, it can be fun to include the theme in the music selections or in the reception. The reception could include echoes of the theme, as well, with simple allusions, through the songs you choose to play or the food you serve. Being creative will go far and keep it simple while striving for intimacy. We all know that music will set the mood for any environment, so while it might not be at the top of your never-ending wedding to-do list, make sure you give some thought as to what music you will dance to as well as the background music for the ceremony or reception.

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While a theme can help to bring all of the ideas you like together, make sure that whatever theme you choose is representative of you and your future spouse. If you are a simpler bride, don’t feel pressured to change every little detail for your wedding just to fit the theme. This is your wedding, not a birthday party, so choose things that will reflect your personality, and then that will make YOU the theme of the wedding—which is really how it should be!
This is a guest blogpost from Dixie Somers.


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