Through the Eyes of a Bridesmaid – Part 4 – Dancing the Night Away!

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Photo credit: Paul Kelly Photography


Once the spectacular first dance was over (many congrats to the newlyweds in remembering all their steps!) we got ready for ‘Springbreak’ one of the biggest wedding bands around. This fantastic band are 80’s themed and come dressed up to fit the image. They really get the crowd going and the dancefloor was packed to the brim from the young ones to the older ones. It seemed like everyone knew the tunes! Luckily the photographer and videographer were still there for the beginning of this part so they got a good few images.


As time went on, the bride decided to throw the bouquet for the single ladies of the evening. Everyone queued up and waited in anticipation in hope they would ‘be next’. The hilarity in all this was when the bridesmaid who caught the bouquet made such a leap for it that she jumped, slipped and fell on the ground. Let’s hope some luck comes of such an embarrassing incident!! springbreak

Some important dances were to follow, naturally the father of the bride and the bride (one of those tear jerkers), all the girls, and the groom did some of his duties and danced with the beautiful bridesmaids. One of the best moments of the night was when the band brought the bride onto the stage infront of the wind machine and gave her his shades. It was a hilarious moment where people were literally turning around to one another in bewilderment asking why the bride was on the stage!! This made great photographs!

What also made some fantastic shots was Paul Kelly’s makeshift photo booth. He brought along countless amazing props and guests sat in the chairs or stood dressed up and holding messages, some of which there are bubbles flying in the sky as he ran around us blowing bubbles. Truly enjoyable for all guests and the photographs are great keepsakes!




Photo credit: Paul Kelly Photography
The night followed the usual pattern, guests were relaxed, happy, merry and literally dancing the night away. The evening food was served buffet style followed by pieces of cake (my favourite part) with delicious fillings of chocolate biscuit, red velvet and lemon. The men retreated to the smoking area for the typical ‘wedding cigar because we are MEN!’. Somehow myself and the bride were so intrigued by this male ritual we followed to check it out, soon to leave them behind in a cloud of smoke!


The night ended in the usual fashion…… the residents bar. I have to admit, everyone was merry but no one spoilt the atmosphere by a little too much to drink, this is always a good thing!


Photo credit: Paul Kelly Photography
I would like to thank Emma and Alex Richardson for letting me write these pieces on their spectacular wedding and to the bridal party for all their hard work before and on the day. I would also like you to look back on all the suppliers I have mentioned in the past few blogposts who were truly fantastic in every way and definitely worth considering for your special day.
Photo credit: Paul Kelly Photography


I will leave you with a lovely quote from ‘When Harry Met Sally’ for you to ponder over……………….


“When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.”

Cheers to that!!


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