Look Like a Groom: 5 Ways to Look Your Best on Your Wedding Day!

Your wedding is a beautiful experience, full of promise for the future. It’s also the one day in your life you can guarantee that you will be kissed, prodded, patted and pinched on the cheek by everyone from your boss to your great-aunt Marion. These moments will be documented in your wedding photos, so you really want to look your best so that your memories are both fond and attractive. The art of shaving is something that’s learned with experience, but there are some tips that can help give you that touchable, kissable, photo-ready face you want on your wedding day

Don’t Over-do the Night Before

You can still have the traditional big send-off with your friends, but plan the bachelor party for the weekend before the wedding. If there’s a rehearsal dinner the evening before, drink in moderation and make a point of getting to bed early. The more rested you are, the better you’ll look and feel the next morning.

Keep it Simple

You don’t have to go overboard with the tux or the hairstyle. Keep it simple and classic, for photos you’ll be proud to show for years to come. Your bride will undoubtedly have input on what you wear, so if you are completely lost when it comes to dressing fancy, look to her and see what style she would like you to be in for the wedding day.
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Leave it to a Pro

If you’re having a haircut, do it several days before the ceremony to give your hair a few days to settle in. It also gives you time to make any corrections if you’re unhappy with your style. If you have facial hair, have it professionally trimmed. Clean-shaven men should go to a barber and get the full facial treatment. Experts at  The Art of Shaving suggest that you use an aftershave that you have used before so that your skin doesn’t get irritated or have a bad reaction on the big day. A good manicure is a bonus also, and the whole experience will help you unwind from all the pre-wedding preparations.
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Don’t Leave it to the Last Minute

The better prepared your are in advance, the less chance there is for errors. Designate some tasks to groomsmen and relatives so you can focus on your own preparation. Have your dad or brothers help you keep track of all of the parts to your suit, or your boutenniere so that you don’t have to be responsible for everything. The more help and organization you have, the less frazzled you’ll be.


All of the planning and tension have led up to this one big day in your life. Remember that although it’s an important day, your life together begins after. On this day all will fall into place. The preparations are made, the day is upon you, relax and let it roll. Looking good is important, but don’t be so focused on your appearance that you don’t take in all of the memories from the wedding day.
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After the big event is over and you’re basking on a beach or at another post-wedding get-away, you can take it easy. The focus may be on the bride, but your wedding is your big day too and you want great memories and photos you can look back on with pride. Take some time in the days leading up to the ceremony to take care of the little details that will have you looking and feeling your best.
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