How to keep a FUN wedding reception going ALL NIGHT LONG!

Don’t Stop the Party!
by Elisabeth Scott Daley, WED® and Peter Merry, WED®

Ever been to a wedding reception that was boring or ended early?  Maybe it just ran out of steam? What can you do to make sure your wedding reception will go the distance? Here are three simple suggestions that will help you have The Best Wedding Reception…Ever! 


1. Start as you mean to go on! 

keep fun wedding reception going all night
If you bring in your wedding party with high-energy music and personalized biographical introductions, you will show your guests from the very beginning that your reception is going to be a lot more fun than they expected. Work with your band leader, DJ/MC or Wedding Entertainment Director® to jump start your festivities in the most memorable and enjoyable way possible
2. Entice them with Familiar Fun! 
Give your DJ, Band or Wedding Entertainment Director® a list of dancing music requests that will appeal to the varied age ranges and tastes that will be present on your wedding day. This will be YOUR wedding reception, but choosing music that will include all of your guest’s favorites will increase your chances for getting most, if not all of them celebrating with you on the dance floor.
Remember, if guests aren’t familiar with a song, they are more likely to leave the dance floor. And finally, some people only “slow dance”…so be sure not to forget about them.
3. Consider your Fun Finale!
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All good things must come to an end, and a fun ending is the icing on the cake of a amazing wedding celebration. To insure that your party ends in a memorable way, stay open to the idea of possibly doing your “ending” a little early if necessary.  If you are concerned about some of your older guests leaving too early and missing your finale, consider scheduling it earlier in the night while the majority of your guests will still be present.  Then announce the beginning of your “after-party”. This will give everyone a chance to experience your entire reception through to the conclusion while giving the younger guests the opportunity to stay later and dance longer.  Conveniently, it will also give older guests the freedom to leave without fear of appearing rude.
A wedding reception is the celebration of the beginning of your married life together. For many, it is the party of a lifetime!  Here’s to a party that will last long into the night and to great memories that will last as long as your love for each other.  Cheers!
About the Author: Liz Daley, Wedding Entertainment Director® and Peter Merry, Wedding Entertainment Director® are, respectively, the President and Founder of the WED Guild®, an international organization of Wedding Entertainment Directors®. Liz and Peter travel throughout the United States performing and training entertainers with their Make It GRAND! and The Professional Process workshops.


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