Groom’s Corner: How to look a cut above the rest!

While the brides and bridesmaids of this world have teams of make up artists and hair stylists to work on them, Grooms sometimes feel they have to settle for just the standard barbers cut or sometimes just purchasing a new razor in Boots.

Don’t worry, here at Groom’s Corner, we like to ensure that you, the Groom get the equal treatment that the female variety enjoy.   The following are some top tips to make you look dapper on your big day.
1. The Hot Towel Shave
Nothing screams trust than to have a stranger using a sharp instrument on the skin closest to your most vital artery.  A hot towel shave is still the epitome of shaving.   Having the feeling of the heat on your skin followed by the cold swipe of a blade.    The hairs just fall off the skin and makes for a much better shave than you could ever try yourself with a standard blade.
Top Tip, if you are trying this yourself, you could soak your towel in water and a little lavender fragrance oil.  Place the towel in the microwave for a few seconds (be careful not to set it on fire!) and then place over your entire face.   The fragrance of the Lavender oil has natural relaxing properties so it will calm you down.
When it comes to shaving, this video should help you with some great tips on the best way to remove hair from an area that can sometimes be very sensitive.
2. The Hair style
For most of us men, our hair styling does not tend to change that often, in fact for hair, most prefer short and simple.  Long gone are the days of the parting in the middle and short back in sides.   There are now infinite hairstyles that a man can choose from and each year, they are changing.   If you are looking to change your hair style or maximize your look with a different shape to suit your face.  For some inspiration, you should check out GQ’s 2014 guide to hairstyles by clicking on the Source below the break.
cut above the rest 1
3. The Skincare
Having supple skin on your wedding day may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it can look fantastic in wedding photographs.   There are thousands of moisturizers on the market.   The best brands are the ones that you know and trust but also contain a sun protection factor.  This is especially important if you work outside or exposed to the sun.   Hit the link below the break to see the Independents top ten moisturizers for 2013.
how to look a cut above the rest 2
4.The Finger Nails
This aspect is rarely considered before the wedding day for men however think about all the photographs your hands will be in on the wedding day.   There are times when the photographer will be taking close up shots of your fingers such as during the exchanging of the rings, the cutting of the cake, raising the veil etc.  Its best not to have oil or greasy fingernails that will be forever etched in your coveted wedding photographs.
The ultimate treatment for your nails is a manicure ( I know I can hear manly men shouting WHAT!! from here) as they give the best look to your nails and are professionally styled.   If you are brave enough to try it once, you will probably never go back to those silver nail clippers again.

how to look a cut above the rest 3


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