Five Fun Ways to Celebrate being a Newlywed!

You can have more than one child, renew your wedding vows, and buy more than one home. Being newlyweds, however, only happens once. The celebration should not end with the wedding reception. You are embarking on your life-long journey together, and that is something to memorialize. Here are some fun ways to mark the occasion.

1. The Classics

His and hers linens are a traditional way to celebrate your new marriage. The design is split right down the middle of the sheets. This set of bedding sheets can be found on Remember every night as you go to bed together just how new and exciting your life together is. After you discover that he needs 90% of the bed to sleep on, the dividing line on your sheets may prove to have a practical use, as well!
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2. Mr. and Mrs.

 One of the first things you do as a married couple is open your brand new joint banking account. It is very exciting seeing both your names on your checks. A fun way to embellish on this new part of married life is to customize them by putting a personal picture on a cheque from Checks Superstore. Decorate your checks with a wedding photo, a close up of your hands wearing your wedding bands, or a memory from the honeymoon.

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3. Décor

After your wedding and honeymoon, you will have more pictures than you know what to do with. Dress up some of the walls in your home with photo arrangements. These frames and arrangements from offer a lot of options, and some are tailored specifically to wedding photos. It is nice to see all that posing and smiling pay off.

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4. A great year…

How can you bottle memories, and open them years later to relive that first year together all over again? Grown-up time capsules are more fun than you think! A great way to celebrate and create new memories is to make your very own wine. Wine kits can be purchased online, like these from Make and bottle your own wine from the very year you were married. Most kits come able to make gallons, so you can even save a bottle or two for those big anniversaries down the road.

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5. Say it loud

All those ideas are great, but how can you enjoy being “just married” so everyone can see? His and hers vanity plates are a cute way for you to show off the recent wedding outside your home. Go for a “his and hers” theme, “Mr. and Mrs.”, or maybe something a little more personal. Customize them even further with these vanity plate frames from
No matter how you decide to celebrate, make these memories last. Decades from now, look back on this year with fond memories of how you two made it your own. This only happens once, and you deserve to celebrate to the fullest. Not everyone is lucky enough to find what you have found, and you do not want to forget it.
This is a guestpost from Madyson Grant

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