Down to the Details: What Every Bride Needs to Make Sure to Take Care off Before The Big Day!!


For brides, there seems to be a thousand duties to take care of before walking down the aisle, between prepping the hair to getting the nails done. Although there are quite a few tasks to take care of, there are several that are crucial to remember to ensure an incredible day.


Prepare a Gift for the Groom

One of the most sentimental moments on the wedding day is when you’ll be able to give your gift to the groom before walking down the aisle. Write a sentimental card or letter, along with a gift that can be cherished for a lifetime and suits the personality of your husband-to-be. Have the maid-of-honor deliver the gift to your beau.



Write Vows

For those who are writing their own vows, it can be difficult to put the words together months prior to the special day. Keep the vows to a minimum of a minute and try to include both serious, funny, and sentimental parts that engages the audience, but is still meant for your spouse.


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Find Jewellery

Finding the right jewellery to wear on your wedding day is just as important as choosing the right dress, as it’s important to find accessories that delicately complement the dress and don’t overpower the outfit. Consider Franz Jewelrywhen choosing elegant earrings, along with embellished necklaces for dresses that have low necklines.



Give Bridesmaid Gifts

The gifts you’ll give the wedding party are a great way to thank them for their participation in the wedding, and more importantly, the relationship you share. Choose a wedding gift that represents the friendship, with choices ranging from a sentimental necklace to beautiful Lladro figurines.


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Pack a Honeymoon Bag

For those departing from the wedding to their honeymoon destination, it’s important to pack the honeymoon bags prior to the wedding to avoid unnecessary stress and have one less task to take care of after the wedding.

Pack an Emergency Kit

There are a number of things that can go wrong on the wedding day, making it important to plan for the worst by packing a few tools. Have an extra safety pin, scissors, aspirin, mouthwash, lotion, stain removing pen, bobby pins, hair spray, q-tips, and tampons for essentials that will make the day go smoothly.


Although it can feel overwhelming in the days leading up to your wedding, there are a few essentials to take care of to ensure the day goes on without a hitch. By being prepared, it will make for an enjoyable day that is without any stress.


This is a guest blogpost from Tricia Borren.
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