Don’t Forget the Honeymoon: Six Thing to Pack for your Post-nuptial Vacation

There is nothing quite as romantic or exciting as the honeymoon newlyweds are able to take shortly after their wedding. It’s the opportunity to explore a new destination and connect with the spouse on fun excursions and over intimate dinners. It’s crucial to pack certain items to ensure the trip goes smoothly and is enjoyable. Things can be forgotten with the commotion of the wedding so it is important to remember the essentials!

 1. Swimming Suits

Most people choose to visit tropical destinations on their honeymoon, wanting to enjoy a bit of relaxation and rejuvenation after the excitement and stress of wedding planning. Pack comfortable bathing suits you can swim in and even wear when participating in water activities that include scuba diving, snorkeling, or parasailing. 

2. Formal Attire
Most resorts offer restaurants for honeymooners who want to enjoy a beautiful sunset over a candlelit meal. There are usually dress codes required, making it important to pack formal attire that includes pants for men with button-up shirts, along with a dress or blouse for women.

3. Sunscreen
Even when visiting an area that has gloomy weather, it’s important to pack sunscreen that can be thoroughly applied to ensure protection against UV rays. Opt for a waterproof product that can be worn in the water with SPF 30, which offers the highest amount of protection. You would not want to put a damper on your honeymoon by dealing with the effects of a painful sunburn.
4. Camera
Record the honeymoon trip to make for lasting memories that can be enjoyed for many years to come. Pack a professional camera when photographing landscapes, as well as a disposable camera that can be taken on wild excursions and tours. An underwater camera will also make for fun photos that are always playful and beautiful. Make sure you are careful with your cameras so you don’t lose the visual memories of your trip. It would be a good idea to back up the photos when you are on holidays using a programme such as Dropbox.


Photocredit: Vietnam Travelmate
5. Hat

Hats are crucial for both men and women on honeymoon as  they are a great way to shade the face and prevent sun damage. Several different styles can be chosen from Reem Clothing for a great way to still look trendy without looking too much like a tourist.

6. Walking Shoes
Packing a pair of walking shoes will prevent blisters and sore feet from developing, which can be expected when traveling to a new area and wanting to explore the destination. Between shopping to walking the city streets, walking shoes will provide plenty of support and make it easier to travel longer distances.
By packing the right type of clothing items for a honeymoon, it will allow each traveller to feel more comfortable and prepared for different types of situations. It will also prevent overspending at a resort when an item is unexpectedly needed!!
Enjoy packing!!! And why don’t you finish it off with some ‘his and hers’ luggage tags for the novelty!
Photocredit: Its A Bride’s Life
This is a guest blogpost from Kandace Heller who is a freelance writer from Orlando, Florida.
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