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My parents recently celebrated their 35th anniversary, and I’ve had the fortune of listening in on some real, honest advice about love, marriage, and the recognition that goes into it all. My mom has told me that, regardless of how long you’ve been together, you’ll do everything you can to still feel close, and she’s had some wonderful ideas over the years that I have to share. So, when your anniversary rolls around this year, be sure to select (or better yet, create!) a gift that will make you both feel as close and special to one another as you did in year one.
For your anniversary, you may want to commemorate your time together with photos of your milestones and memories over the past year of marriage and however many years or months you’ve been dating. Rather than throwing some 4x6s in a photo album that will just sit on a coffee table, you may want to put a more creative spin on it. Browse online anniversary gift, DIY gift, or gifts for him and her pages to get ideas. My mom recently found some beautiful hanging photo galleries as an innovative way to display a collection of pictures. You can build your mini gallery around a certain theme, like a recent vacation. However you assemble your collection, it will be a great representation of your relationship within the past year.




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To make it even more special, create a scrapbook or collage of your first year together! This way, you’re able to include more than just photos. Ticket stubs from baseball games, coasters from your favorite bar, menus from date nights past, any and all memorabilia you may have on hand is fair game here! This will create a great visual and help bring to life all of the fun you’ve had in the past year. With one look, he can recall the amazing dinner you shared at that new restaurant downtown, or the movie he took you to on your first date. Putting together all the little things that you saved along the way will show him how much you’ve cared every step of the way. Plus, a fun DIY project will also show him the time, effort, and care you’re willing to invest in doing something nice for him. If you have kids, it’s something they can enjoy too! My sisters and I love looking through the one my mom made and hearing all the stories from before we started showing up in the pictures.


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Finally, continuing along the DIY path, think about other projects that can become decorative additions to the home you’ve built together. Grab that old Scrabble board from the dusty game closet and put together words from your relationship that will mean something to him: places you’ve been, musicians you both love, restaurants you frequent, family and friends. Basically, play a game of Scrabble with yourself (odd notion, but stick with me). See how many elements of your shared lives you can incorporate into one board with the mere 100 tiles you are given. Use a hot glue gun (which you can easily find at a local crafts store) to secure your finished product, and voila! You have personalized wall art that puts a creative spin on presenting your memories in a visual, word-oriented fashion.
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With these tips and tricks, you’ll be sure to knock it out of the park with a DIY project, or be inspired to create your own special something suited to you and your guy. It’s a surefire way to make that anniversary memorable with a unique gift, crafted with thought and care.
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