Transport for the modern groom

There are few opportunities for most grooms to put their stamp and personalities on a wedding.  Transport from the home to the wedding and onto the ceremony location (if required) is something that men feel its their responsibility for.  I, myself, know how important a nice car or unusual transport option is.   For me, the more unusual the better and what better way to look back on your photos in years to come and point out how you and your wife actually made it to the church on time.

Today, I will be mostly listing my top 4 favourite ways from around the web to get to your wedding.  This is to give you some idea of what can be done rather than relying on the usual horse and carriage or Bentley.

1.  The television show transport.

The 80’s were a great period for cars and transport.   You had so much popular culture to choose from that you were spoiled for choice.  I grew up watching the American shows of Magnum PI, the A-Team and of course my all time favourite, the one where David Hasslehoff had a bee nest for a head, Knightrider.

There are a number of car suppliers that can supply perfect replica’s of these vehicles, including a working Kitt.   They also make for an excellent talking point around the dinner table after the ceremony.

If you have a wedding, if no one else can help, maybe you can hire…..

transport for the modern groom 1
Great Scott!! its…

transport for the modern groom 2



Uh Oh Micheal, we need to turbo boost to a wedding…


transport for the modern groom 3



2. I prefer 3 wheels.

Of course, the traditional 4 wheel method of getting to your venue may not satisfy your needs.  There are options for those who prefer to be out in the open air or to have a bit more danger to their method of travel.  The following are excellent ways to enjoy the benefit of the air without getting your shoes dirty.  The following is a little more unusual than most but looks like good ‘craic’ as us Irish would say.
Keep that motor runnin’…..
transport for the modern groom 4
This Rickshaw will add some colour…

transport for the modern groom 5



Finally, in the three wheel variety we have….

transport for the modern groom 6
3.  The even more unusual.
Finally, I have scoured the internet and found ways of getting to your wedding that not everyone will prefer but it would make for an extreme talking point.  What if you’re a farmer and you cannot let go of your favourite tractor even for one day?  What if you are a bus driver and its been your dream to arrive on one? What if you decide you wanted to demolish a village on your way to the wedding and drive a tank?  All are catered for.
Let’s cut the silage before getting married darling…..
transport for the modern groom 7
Ding Ding, Next stop your wedding….

Dublin bus




I love the smell of weddings in the morning….

transport for the modern groom 9


These are all merely ideas to get you started on your road to transport.   These are necessarily not all available everywhere but it should help seeing what is possible.  If you have any ideas of your own, let me know by commenting below and remember to share the post to anyone who may be interested.

Please keep an eye on Wedding High for more posts from Groom’s Corner.  Until next time, happy planning.

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  1. by Jordan Totney on February 9, 2017  2:25 pm Reply

    Some great and iconic cars. Especially the A-Team one.

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