Through The Eyes of a Bridesmaid – The Run Up to the Wedding – Part 1

Last Saturday 7th September my sister Emma Gledhill married her childhood sweetheart Alex Richardson. The ceremony took place in the beautiful ‘All Saint’s Church’ in Raheny and the dinner in the magical ‘Clontarf Castle’. The day itself can be described in one word and that is………perfect.
As Emma’s sister and maid of honour I was able to keep in close with the activities that were being organised for the big day. She had everything very much planned to a T so any ideas I gave were more for inspiration and support. Her organisational skills were fantastic and really shone in the day itself. Watching her organise everything made me appreciate how difficult it must be to organise your own wedding day whilst working, maintaining a relationship and running a household. Quite demanding and you of course want all your own expectations to be met as well as those of others!
Most of the planning fell into place bit by bit till we came to the day before the wedding. Both mothers of the newlyweds to be gathered in the church to organise the floral displays whilst the bridesmaids went to the beauticians ‘Urban Beauty’ in Rathmines for pedicures and manicures followed by a fabulous lunch. We were sent photographs from the church as the day went on, things were starting to look magnificent.
A few things to think of the days before your wedding, especially if you are meeting family in the run up and have appointments. Fortunately, we managed all the daily activities ok. Here are a few things that I noted:
– Ensure you have all you cheques/cash ready in envelopes for your suppliers
– Make sure you are packed for your honeymoon and for the hotel at least a few days before (remember to include a hanger and cover for your dress to bring home – tip direct from the bride!)
– Buy breakfast products for your bridal party for the morning of the wedding e.g. juices, yoghurts, muffins, pastries, fruit
– Everyone should eat lunch its a long day. We ordered a platter of sandwiches which was ideal
– Organise some treats or quiet games for any flower girls or pageboys for the church
– Drop any suitcases, favours, bathroom baskets, guestbooks etc to your venue
– It is a nice idea to have the church rehearsal two days before the wedding so you don’t have to worry about that the night before the wedding
– Give a nominated bridesmaids number to any suppliers dropping things over in the morning e.g. florist to ensure the bride isn’t getting frazzled by minor details
– Update the groom on the bride after they have said their goodbyes. He will want to know how she is. It is the bride’s job to be nervous about the wedding and the groom’s job to be worried about the bride.
– Do not fret about the weather, its going to do what it wants but purchase enough umbrellas!!
That evening there were family occasions on both Emma and Alex’s sides as a lot of the guests were from out of town. This was the time Emma and Alex had to say goodbye to each other and this brought me to tears as it was where the nerves really started to show. The next time they would see each other she would be in a wedding gown and they would be leaving that church married! After attending both and having just a few drinks with the bride and other bridesmaids we headed home for some camomile tea and last run though of the events that would happen in the morning. Emma made a schedule of who would get their hair/make up done and at what time. This was such a great idea as we felt very organised. We hung the dresses and prepped what we could for breakfast, both of us very excited.
How would we sleep!!!???
To be continued!………….
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    Fantastic story Keely, cant wait for the next

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