Through The Eyes of a Bridesmaid – Part 2 – Here Comes the Bride!

When I woke at 6.30am on the morning of the 7th September all I could hear was wind and rain outside….our worst fear. I didn’t look out the window in hope things would clear up as the day went onwards. And they did….thankfully!
We launched into our beauty preparations as our hairdresser Sian Sharkey and makeup artist Alyson Smyth began the job of making us the most beautiful bridal party there ever was! I cannot recommend both ladies highly enough. Each bridesmaid had a picture of their hair and Sian completed each style to perfection. Our makeup was flawless and natural looking, just stunning! Time was on our side that morning, everything ran smoothly and the bridesmaids started getting dressed by 12 to leave by 1.20pm latest. This gave us plenty of time to dress the bride, relax, sip some bucks fizz and eat some of the gorgeous sandwiches delivered by Wilde & Greene.
As I said in my last post, its important that you nominate someone to take care of the small things that morning. As Emma lives in an apartment, a lot of people had to be let in the door downstairs, so I got dressed last. Everyone had my number and I had the keys. It worked better this way….so no added stresses on the Bride. The only glitch we experienced that morning was when the flowers were delivered. We were so excited to see what they looked like but to our disappointment they weren’t exactly what Emma had ordered. After a phone call to the florist the flowers were sent back and re delivered two hours later the way that they were meant to be. It is important on your wedding day that everything is the way you intended it to be, you are paying for a service and it should be right. Always, no matter which supplier it is ensure everything is correct. It would also be advisable to ask your florist to deliver as early as possible to your house just in case this happens to another bride.

The photographer Paul Kelly and his assistant arrived around 12pm to take some pre wedding shots. They spent about 45mins with us photographing make up and hair, Emma’s different pieces of bridal attire, flowers and took many natural shots hopefully capturing the excitement that filled the apartment.
On arrival of Father of The Bride and the cars we proceeded to leave the house. A quick clean up was required to make sure the newlyweds wouldn’t be coming home to a gigantic mess of lunch and half full glasses of champagne! The bride’s gorgeous car and the two bridesmaid cars decorated in cranberry ribbon to match the theme set off to All Saint’s Church. Needless to say we were running a little late….but that is tradition after all isn’t it!!
Lining up outside the church was slightly surreal, I can’t imagine as a bride how nervous you must be as a bride walking through those doors, all eyes are on you! Even as bridesmaids it is overwhelming walking down the aisle before the bride enters. It definitely seemed to be the case when it came to the flower girl (Lili, aged 4) and my son, the page boy (Rian, aged 2 and a half)  when they walked through the doors hand in hand to immediately halt for the other bridesmaids to take their hands and walk them down. Once I got to the end of the aisle I remained on ‘babysitter duty’ for both children. Armed with a pack of jellies, they sat still for the entire ceremony.
The picture below is undoubtedly one of my favourites of the day, depicting pure happiness in both Emma’s and our dad’s eyes. I wish I had a photo of the groom at the exact same moment to see the delight in his face also, but I can only imagine. A beautiful ceremony was ahead of us and a great day of wedding festivities ahead of us……………………..!
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