Pets at weddings {we say, yes!}

If you follow me {Bláithín} on twitter, Facebook or instagram you’ll know I L.O.V.E my furbabies! One of my only regrets, at our own wedding, is that Tilly {our then 12 week old Bichon} wasn’t there! She is my darling and my baby. {I’m yet to be blessed with the real thing, but that is a different story for a different day} 

You can only imagine, when sent on their latest infographic that I was all for it! 
I know from a practical point of view Pets at Weddings are just well… not practical… but what about weddings is 😉 ?? 
Besides… pet friendly weddings are the new craze, gaining popularity worldwide. The idea is, You wouldn’t leave your child at home on your special day, right? Then why leave the pug? {Visualise me nodding in agreements 😉 }
Including a fuzzy pal, requires a bit of planning but SimplyBridal have gone ahead and did the brainstorming for you, consider these 8 steps and you are set!
Pets at Weddings
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