Four ways to Bring out Your Personality in Your Wedding!


A person’s wedding is usually one of the most memorable days of his or her life. No matter how many weddings a person goes to, his or her own will always stand out. Since wedding day memories never go away, people should make sure their big day is one they will cherish forever. Here are four ways a couple can to bring out their personalities and make a wedding all their own


The choice of venue is one of the first ways a bride and groom can showcase their personality through their wedding. The couple may choose to hold the wedding in the spot where they met, where they had their first kiss or where they had their first date. An elegant wedding in an extravagant location showcases a beautiful and wealthy bride nicely. A simple ceremony in a field of flowers at sunset showcases a nature-loving bride.
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The numerous music choices available give couples many options for expressing their personality. Serious and traditional couples may prefer for the bride to walk down the aisle to the melodies of a small orchestra or a single harp player. Fun-loving couples ready to party may prefer a DJ playing the latest hip hop songs at their reception. The choice is entirely up to the couple.




The choice of what clothes to wear also gives the bride and groom much freedom to showcase their personalities. The bride and groom may choose to forego the tux and gown for themed apparel, or they may simply add small touches to the more traditional attire. Cowboy boots, custom-made cufflinks found at or even flip-flops are all simple details that can show off the couple’s unique personality.




Perhaps the best way a couple can express their personalities and their love for each other at their wedding is by writing their own vows. By writing their own vows, couples can express exactly what they want to say to their partner in a way that goes beyond the traditional vows recited at every wedding. Whether couples change the vows a little or completely rewrite the entire ceremony, they are free to customize their spoken words as they please.



While the standard and typical wedding is always beautiful and tasteful, couples are never limited to only what is traditionally done. Whether they want to add in a few elements of their personalities or completely redo the whole wedding ceremony to reflect their personality as a couple, the wedding day is the perfect time for a bride and groom to establish and showcase their identity as a couple.
This is a guest blogpost from Hannah Whittenly.

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