11 Awesome DIY Wedding Craft Ideas

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that the best place to go for quick craft ideas is Pinterest.  People are constantly uploading new ideas that can make your life not only easier but also more fun.  The same goes for wedding day craft ideas.  Below are a few ideas that you can consider incorporating into your special day to make it a little more unique and a little more you.


– Have your wedding date stitched onto the inner seam at the bottom of your wedding gown.


– Post childhood photos of you and your spouse-to-be on the corresponding restroom doors of the reception hall (i.e. if you are the bride, post your picture on the “Ladies’” door, while your groom can post his picture on the “Men’s”.
– Have your guests welcome you after the ceremony with lit sparklers instead of rice or bubbles – you can even have the packs that they come in personalized!


– Use cute little fact sheets as your centerpieces for each table, including little-known facts about you and your groom.


– For after the ceremony, cascade square canvases with your wedding photos down a long, thick ribbon for beautiful wall art that will quickly become a conversation piece.


Hang pictures in frames along the corresponding side of seats with pictures of the both of you while you were growing up.  There can be chronological pictures of the bride along her side and the groom along his.

– For a great favor that is also useful, have your new last name and the date of your wedding stamped onto the center of wooden hangers just below the hook.


– Place pictures of yourself and your fiancée at each corresponding table number’s setting.  For example, for Table 3, place a picture of both of you at the age of three in the placeholder.


– Throw out the seating plan, and save yourself the stress.  There are some cute signs with neat sayings on them like this one that encourage folks to sit where they are comfortable.  After all, you’re all about to become one large family anyway!
– Take a photo of both of you reaching a hand out to each other.  Punch a hole in the photo where your hands meet, and stick a lollipop through the hole (or whatever else you may wish) to create adorable favours.


 – Create a bunting with paper cut outs of anything you like (birds, cars, Hello Kitty, what have you), and have the guests sign the cut-outs instead of an address book.


The ideas are limitless as to how you can personalize your event to make it unlike any other wedding your guests have ever attended.  You can make it as formal or as informal as you want.  Check back to Pinterest often for more ideas on how to make your magical day even more memorable.
All the above images can be found on Pinterest.


Kailyn Terlato is a freelance writer who lives on Long Islandand occasionally writes about the wedding industry and the wedding business.  She loves her boyfriend, men with accents, and animals – but only resides with two out of those three.



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  1. by Gaffey Productions on September 11, 2013  10:00 am Reply

    Funny - just spotted one tip we actually did at our Wedding (5 year anniversary coming soon ;)):

    the childhood pictures for "Ladies" & "Gents".

    Easy to prepare, even if you have a busy schedule and the guests loved it, knowing how you looked back in the childhood days - or use some ridiculous fashion faux-pas from the 80's :D

    • by Bláithín on September 12, 2013  2:04 pm Reply

      Love it!! And so much fun :)

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