Top Five Gadgets for the Techie Groom to consider.

Grooms corner has begun. 

 Over the coming weeks and months, I will be mostly focusing on Grooms and what is important to them. We would love to hear any views on what you would like covered and what is important to you as a groom in the wedding planning process. 

To start off, today I will be providing you with what I believe could be the top 5 new gadgets, some are not available, some are, to buy for your wedding as a treat or if your partner is looking to purchase as a gift for you. 

 5. The Samsung Smart Watch 

An artist's impression of the Samsung smartwatch
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There once was a time when brides would choose between Rolex or Tag Heuer, however now there is another watch for the budding first adapters to try. Samsung is rumoured to be launching a ‘Smart Watch’ called The Samsung Galaxy Gear. Leaks from informed sources are that the watch will come equipped with a Dual Core Processor which is similar to high end smartphones, 1GB ram, a 2MP Camera and will also feature Bluetooth and NFC. Potentially, you could bump any images you take of your big day to other smart phones or devices with built in Bluetooth or NFC. So during your speech, you could technically be able to shoot your arm in a certain direction, sending an exclusive look at the wedding photographs to your guests before they finish their vol au vent. 

 4. Xbox One 

xbox one



While your partner is planning what linen would suit the venue, why not shoot some scores with Fifa 14 on Xbox One? The Console Wars are hotting up with a launch date proposed for November, Xbox one is the latest Microsoft offering. It has the facility to even control your television using the power of your own voice. If you’re clever and are planning to get married for Christmas, why not stream the wedding worldwide using the latest innovative Kinect sensor attached to the console. 

 3. Playstation 4 

playstation 4



If you prefer to spend less money but have a slightly more powerful games console between your fingers, you should opt (or drop hints at) Playstation 4. The launch date is officially on the 15th of November for the US and 29th of November for Europe. There will be 15 new titles to choose from at launch with a big focus on the smaller indie titles. Although the Playstation 4 will not help you plan a wedding any quicker, there will be much fun had trying. 

 2. 3D Printers 

3d printer gadget


 Now I know what you are going to say, what can I play or show off on a 3D printer? Well take it from me, if you have one of these, you can do almost anything. How about printing a perfect replica of you and your partner for sitting on top of the wedding cake? How about printing your wedding ring? The revolution in printing has arrived and is now accessible to the anyone with a few grand to burn. After the wedding, you can then print a guitar to serenade your new wife to take her mind off the price tag. 

1. Google Glass.

The number one gadget on my list of ideas for your groom is a gadget that is set to revolutionize the way you see things. Imagine, stepping into a store and seeing offers jump up right before your eyes? Imagine, filming your entire wedding day by just putting on your glasses? Imagine being lost on your Honeymoon and your eyes laying down a marker for you to follow without having to even remove a map from your back pocket?
The latest innovation from the company that brought us Google search, Google Maps, Gmail and Android phones is about to be released to the general public. Despite recent privacy concerns, Google glass is set to become as popular as crushed garlic. 

 The device is essentially a pair of spectacles that sit on the rim of your nose. They are connected either via Bluetooth to your mobile phone or via wifi. It is operated by voice so, for example, you can ask Google Glass to find the nearest restaurant or how long of a walk is it from Battery Park New York to Dublin Ireland. You can also take random photos and videos of what you are looking at (although this is where the privacy concern lies). Battery life is 1 day but this is depending on usage. Price is not yet released but the initial explorer editions for those lucky enough to win the lottery of the first trials cost a tidy $1,500 or around €1120. The same price of a good photographer for your wedding, however Google Glass pictures may not be up to that standard. 

If you would think other gadgets should be included or there is something you would really like explored in the future, do let me know.

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