The practical reality behind having multiple bridesmaids.

I’m sure many of you have read or seen the article that is doing the social media rounds about Katie Dalby and her 80 bridesmaids…

Eighty is definitely a number that will turn {many, many} heads but {thankfully for this Wedding Planner at least, its not the norm}, that said, some brides do choose to have rather large wedding parties…
As nice as it is {initially} to involve as many of your sisters/friends/family as you can, the practical reality is far from that, unless you have deep pockets, nerves of steel and diplomacy skills that would instantly quell or avoid World Wars 3,4 & 5.
practical reality behind having multiple bridesmaids
Choosing the dress…
Many brides have a vision for their wedding day. They know how they will look, the ceremony will look, what the groom will wear, the dreamy smile and twinkling eyes he’ll have as she walks down the aisle… she’ll know the colour {and potential styles} her darling bridesmaids will wear, how their hair will sit and what accessories that will compliment the look… the lot!
Multiple bridesmaids… with different opinions, body shapes, skin tones and body hang ups will soon make, what should be a fun trip to the boutique to try on dresses and on to the cocktail bar to celebrate, a nightmare of pouting {fully grown} women and could even put a few friendships on the line.
Then there is the cost! Either for the bride or the bridesmaid. In Ireland, it is tradition and common practice that the bride foots the bill for the dress, shoes, accessories, hair and make up {and sometimes the overnight stay at your reception venue} for her bridesmaids. In other countries like the US, its common practice for the bridesmaid to foot the bill for everything. { Sigh of relief for some brides…. but when someone is footing the bill you can be guaranteed they will have even more to say! And what one of your 19+ bridesmaids can easily afford maybe 3 times what the other can.}
So lets look at costs…
Dress           Boutique bought can run €140 – €350 {and beyond}  High Street €50 – €225
Shoes          Well we all know the sky is the limit here but lets say €50 – €120
Accessories  Same as shoes applies, but will say they are not all a Tiffany’s purchase €50 -€100
Hair             Depending on styles { and deal as per your numbers } €35 – €75
Make Up     €30 -€65
Tan             €25 – €65
Overnight Stay €99 – €250
Thank You Gift €50 – €200 { so clued in brides will use the Accessories as the Gift, something to think about}
Total Range Per Bridesmaid: €389 – € 1,225
10 Bridesmaids = €3,890 -€12,250
15 Bridesmaids = €5,835 – €18,375
80 Bridesmaids = €31,120 – €98,000
Heart stopping and budget crippling figures eh… ?
the practical reality behind having multiple bridesmaid 1
So in the joy and excitement of saying yes to him/herself don’t say yes to multiple dresses for 15+ friends and family to stand with you both on your wedding day without seriously thinking it through… because the struggle you might have with multiple bridesmaids is nothing compared to the the stress of demoting a bridesmaid back to guest status!
{ Oh and heads up! If you have 25 bridesmaids… does he have 25 men to fill the shoes of groomsmen? }
Then of course there is the size of your top table, the length of the processional song/ hymn for walking down the aisle, the logistics of getting everyone ready on the morning { and where that would be }, not to mention wrangling everyone up for photos during the day…
My best advice when choosing bridesmaids? K.I.S.S. 😉

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