Online Wedding Dress Sites: If its too good to be true, it generally is!

I get that many of you out there are working to a budget and trying to save anywhere you can. I know weddings don’t come cheap!{ Hey, I’m even tempted to go back to my wedding venue and ask for some money back because if I had of waited 6 years to get married today I would be getting a hell of a different deal 🙂 }I know many brides dream of walking down the aisle in a gorgeous designer dress that hugs and holds them in all the right places and makes them feel like a million bucks! I also know that many brides can’t afford that amazing designer dress… and that some will look and consider any option to get the look they are after.That’s when many brides turn to online wedding dress ‘stores’… and an emotional roller-coaster begins.

You do a search for your coveted wedding dress and find it online at a fraction of the cost a mere €300 {maybe even less}… you start to hyperventilate… the picture is the exact same as the one in store… there a loads of positive reviews on the site, they even say they will mark it as a ‘gift’ so you wont get caught by customs! All you have to do is send your measurements and part with your credit card details… you can even have it within 10 days if you pay extra!

Your wedding dreams are coming true…

The reality… a bit of a nightmare is actually beginning…

stressed bride

These online wedding dress sites or replica sites are often scams { they run with your credit card payment and possibly more if they’ve managed to hack your account, and of course you never see the dress { which probably didn’t exist to begin with }} or the dress you receive is nothing like the dress you ordered, accept probably for the neckline, the fabric is worse than an scratchy angora sweater and the measurements are so far off that it actually fits your St. Bernard better than you.

My advice?

With your wedding dress… if you can’t touch or feel it, or at the very least find a{read:multiple} reliable sources of recommendations steer clear…

{ Oh and top tip… Customs will charge you… they are smart… They’re checking ‘gifts’ and you could be receiving a nice little extra charge of anything from €50 – €150 )

If you don’t have a designer budget but want that designer dress for less consider preloved options, sample sales or boutiques similar to that run by Barnardos.

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