Let’s talk wedding contracts!

As a Wedding Planner, part of what I do is negotiate wedding contracts for my clients. In fact, some couples hire me to do just {and only} this, so they can be sure they are getting the best deal and haven’t missed out or forgotten to ask anything important. { Very wise people these clients are 😉 }

So what can I say about wedding contracts that is important to you?






First up… you should always have a contract with every supplier you book/ hire. This can be as simple as their booking form or their T & C’s sheet or a more complex document… but be sure to have one and question {and steer clear of} those who don’t offer one.

Be sure your contract includes:

  • what you are hiring/ buying/ contracting
  • the payment terms and plan
  • cancellation/ sickness policies
  • back up plans
  • communication policies and methods
  • your wedding details {and specifics to their product or service}
  • what is expected of the supplier
  • what is expected of you
Remember, a contract is in place to protect both you and the supplier, so if you would like to add or change a clause to the contract discuss it with the supplier. While some contracts may seem a little one-sided {on the side of the supplier} be sure you have all the important areas covered too, especially if they are supplying you with a rather unique service, or something different from their normal package… make sure that is listed in black and white!
Of course be sure to sign & date it and store a copy in your wedding file.
Its also a good idea to ask each of your suppliers what insurances they hold and what that covers and also which {if any} associations they belong too. {These don’t necessarily have to be listed in the contract, they are just further reassurances as to the reliability of your chosen supplier}
Be 100% happy with your contract before you sign it. Be sure to read EVERY clause!
And yes, when signing a contract, it is a good time to negotiate pricing too. But be realistic with your price negotiation expectations. Be sure you are comparing like with like when talking about other deals you where offered. Remember that some suppliers simply don’t have discount margins anymore … sometimes the price on the table is the best offer for your wedding they can give.
Remember is virtually impossible to re-negotiate a contract once you’ve signed on the dotted line… so be happy and confident before you commit!
{If in doubt… you can always hire me to help you out 🙂 }
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