International Wedding Traditions – an insight!

The idea of marriage is a cross-cultural idea, but each country, religion, and culture has different and special ways to celebrate the union between two lovers.  Many traditions involve the consumption of libations, others fire (the eternal flame of love), food, and the breaking of glass/vase. Simply Bridal has collected a handful of traditions from different countries around the world to explore and share with the wedding community.
International Wedding Traditions (1)
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  1. by Aqib Siddiqui on August 17, 2013  10:29 pm Reply

    I like to know more about the tradition, cultures and rituals of different countries. I also enjoying your blog containing different wedding ceremony and it is beautifully explained with insight. Out of these rituals I like the irish wedding ritual the most admirable. All these things I have experienced in Irish Wedding Traditions its really very impressive

  2. by Wedding High on September 2, 2013  4:45 pm Reply

    We definitely do have some beautiful wedding traditions in Ireland, and so very specific depending on where you are from! :)

  3. by tomphilander on November 13, 2013  9:38 am Reply

    This is amazing to know about different culture and rituals supporting them.This allows to have an experience of varied cultures and their tradition. Being an Irish I would say that our culture and prosperity is magnificent. The wedding bands in Ireland make the wedding ceremony desirable to observe.

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