How to make that hen party extra special!


So it’s time for the hen party……..maid of honour is in charge and the bridesmaids are helping to ensure the best night/weekend that the bride could wish for. I’ve collected a few ideas recently as I’ve been preparing for a hen myself and here are just a few tips to ensure that the occasion definitely memorable and exciting!






Decorations add character and it is a party after all eh??! No matter what your theme or if you are just making it about the ‘hen’ ensure you have some balloons, banners, badges, gifts, posters! The atmosphere will be peaked by such products!



The hen party is about the bride, NO ONE ELSE J so do make sure it is all about her and her future married life. Try making some memory books, life-size cut outs or gather pictures from past occasions. Making a guide to married life could be nice also.



I was once at a hen where one of the girls decided it would be funny to give the bride underwear for each different ‘occasion’ that is to come in her life. This will go down a treat I guarantee! Here are some suggestions:



– Wedding night

– Maternity pants

– getting comfortable being married

– 1st anniversary knickers

– 20th anniversary knickers

– Keep everything in knickers



Consider your guests


When planning the night or weekend consider the guests and what will cater for their needs. Some people may not be able to travel too far, have budgetary requirements and have job or family responsibilities. So as made of honour consider others and reward them for attending. Party bags, favours and a general good time will be appreciated by all involved!





Party Games

What is a hen without party games? Research some games beforehand; there are loads on the internet. These can be done with alcohol, sweets, pictures or videos. This livens up the party and ensures mixing if the girls are from different groups of friends.



Signature cocktail and some bubbles!


It is lovely to start the night off you all drinking the same cocktail that you can always remember as ‘Marie’s hen cocktail’. If you have someone with bar experience let them concoct a recipe, ensure it’s a pretty colour and there has to be a little umbrella (of course!)
Also, for a toast to the future be sure to have some Prosecco around or something with bubbles!

Personal messages

A fabulous idea is to gather messages from all of the hens and create a collage or frame of people’s thoughts. It will be kept forever and will be funny to look back on!



Overall hope it is a fun time full of memories and giggles!
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