7 Elements to Consider in Planning Your Summer Wedding

Summer weddings are romantic in every way. Nature gives you a myriad of bright colours as gorgeous backgrounds. The radiant sun provides the perfect natural lighting for your photos. Destination weddings particularly beach weddings look extra spectacular during summer. It just spells beauty at every turn. A summer wedding may be picturesque but it also takes extra planning. Here are seven elements you need to prepare for:
Rays of the sun. As much as it gives ideal lighting to your photos, it can also make your guests look sweaty, reddish, and haggard. Make sure that your ceremony will take place in a shaded area. If not, you can provide a tent or cute umbrellas for your guests. You can also hold your wedding late in the afternoon toward sunset for a cooler temperature. The setting sun will also make a breathtaking background for your summer wedding.
Scorching heat. Summer heat can be draining. Make sure that you have refreshments readily available for your guests like cold bottled water or fresh juices. When you scout for catering services, ask them if they can cover this for you. If not, buy them ahead of time. You can even put stickers with your initials on the refreshment bottles! Provide paper fans on every seat for each of your guests. It would be best to be in a shaded area with lots of trees. Tents with big air conditioning units will be comfortable as well.
Unpredictable weather. The weather can either be your best friend or worst enemy. Its unpredictability is what makes it difficult to gauge. There is no guarantee that this morning’s forecast will be the same in the afternoon. You need to have a back-up plan if in case Mother Nature decides to pour some rain on your wedding. Choose a venue that has a covered area where you can easily move. Those pretty umbrellas should also be accessible at any given time.
Wild winds. Gusty winds can make your decors fly. It can also ruin your hair and wedding gown. Strong winds can keep making your guests uncomfortable as they prevent their dress from getting blown away. No outdoor summer wedding is windproof but you can make sure that you have elements that can block off the wind such as huge tents and pillars. You need to tell your event stylist that you need the decors to be as secure as possible.  
Uninvited insects. Since most summer weddings are done outdoors, you will have uninvited guests that fly around during the ceremony. These insects can be pretty annoying, too! If it is still within your budget, provide hypoallergenic insect-repellent lotions for your guests. Stay away from gardens that are not maintained properly. You wouldn’t want different creatures popping out of nowhere during your wedding. Do not expose your food unless it’s time to eat already. Coordinate well with your florist to ensure that you don’t pick flowers that entice bees and other freeloader insects.
Guest schedule. Summer is synonymous with vacation time. You need to send your “save the date” notifications early on so that your guests can block off your wedding date before they go on vacation. Be strategic in scheduling the date of your wedding. You also need to coordinate with your suppliers early as some of them go on short vacations, too.
Comfort food.
By that we mean refreshing comfort food. Guests will appreciate food that will cool them down. Take advantage of the fruits that are abundant during the summer and make it a significant part of your buffet table. Make as many fruits available as you can in your salad bar and dessert area. Guests will love it because it’s both healthy and refreshing at the same time. Choose a reliable caterer who can serve these fresh fruits in addition to your delectable courses. If your budget permits, fresh fruit juices and shakes would be superb.
The best way to go about a summer wedding is thorough preparation. These elements are beyond your control but you can manage around it. You need not worry about these things as long as you have the necessary things prepared for your guests. All you need to do is enjoy the moment, soak in the beauty of your summer wedding, and let nature take its course. 

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