10 Creative Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Every detail of your wedding is an opportunity to express your personality and style.  Your wedding guest book is no exception!  The alternatives to the traditional guest book are nearly endless, since your guests can sign just about anything.  Here are ten of our favorite ideas for guests to sign-in.
1.      Guest Notes 

Buy or create a decorative display where your guests can leave you a note.  Read the notes every five years or so on your wedding anniversary to relive some of the wonderful memories! 

2.      Guest Book Puzzle or Games
Showcase your fun-loving spirit with a guest book puzzle or game. Have guests sign puzzle (or Jenga) pieces, and enjoy reading their notes as you play for years to come!
3.      Sign-In Board 

Sign-in boards don’t have to be limited to your bar or bat mitzvah and Sweet 16. Sign-In boards can be a fun way to feature photos of you and your fiancé (from baby to adult), your travels together, or other interests. The board can be a great keepsake for your new home together. 

4.      Photo Booth Guest Book 

If you’re having a photo booth at your wedding, you can create a guest book from the photo strips.  Most photo booth companies will print 2 copies of every photo strip so guests can keep a copy, and include a copy in your guest book.
On the guest book table, include an album, washi tape, colorful pens, fun stickers, and a note with clear instructions.  Encourage guests to be creative!
5.      Engagement Photo Guest Book 

If you’ve had an engagement shoot with your photographer, chances are you’d love the opportunity to show off the gorgeous results.  Creating a sign-in book from your engagementshoot gives your guests the opportunity to see all your best professional photos. You can have your photographer create a book from the images, or try one of the many services such as Shutterfly that make it easy and fun to do it yourself. 

6.      Props
You can really get creative when it comes to getting guests’ signatures. Almost anything can be turned into a guest sign-in.  A pair of your favorite shoes, a sports jersey, a guitar, wine bottles…the list is infinite! 

7.      Guest Book Keepsake Plate – Day in Clay
To make an experience out of your guest sign-ins, you can create a keepsake commemorative bowl out of their signatures. Day in Clay Signature Program can craft the one-of-a-kind piece on-site with a live demonstration, or display a finished bowl on a table to be signed by guests. 

8.      Sign-In Pillows 

The Pieced Palette can turn your wedding invitation into a custom sign-in pillow!  Just provide them with an image, and they will print it onto cotton twill.  Display this on your sign-in table or mount it on an easel at your party for guests to sign with permanent markers. After the wedding, the fabric is incorporated into a lounging floor pillow for you and your fiancé to enjoy and treasure. 

9.      Photo Frame 

Since you’reprobably going to hang your favorite engagement photo, why not have guests sign the frame and make it even more meaningful?  Use an acid free fine point pen to preserve the signatures. Photo Frames available from Amazon. 

10.  Custom Artwork / Fingerprint Tree 

The best wedding guest books are true keepsakes. What better way to remember your guests than to have their signatures incorporated into a unique piece of art? You can have guests create a beautiful fingerprint tree, or let them unleash their creativity by designing a completely custom painting at your wedding.
We hope we’ve inspired you with these wedding guest book alternative ideas! 

Guest Author: Cigall Goldman is the founder of Mazelmoments.com, the award-winning website that makes it easy and fun to plan any Jewish-inspired event including a wedding, bar & bat mitzvah or baby celebration. At mazelmoments, find your perfect venue, photographer, décor, invitations, music & entertainment and more! The mazelmoments blog keeps you up to date on the latest trends, and shares expert advice to help you create an unforgettable celebration!


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