Things to consider for an outdoor wedding!

Here is a guest post from Michelle Rebecca that links in very well with our current weather to get you thinking about whether to have an outdoor wedding or not!

An increasingly popular option for summer and autumn weddings is to hold the service or reception outdoors. It’s no wonder, considering how the setting is naturally romantic and the fantastic options and themes that are possible.

Popular options include garden receptions and beach weddings.Forest themed weddings have become popular in recent years as well. If you are considering eschewing the traditional indoors setting for something daring, there are some things to keep in mind while planning:

Planning is Key

Most brides have had their ideal wedding planned in their head since long before they put on an engagement ring. A wedding planner is there to help translate what you have in your head and make it a reality.

Some of the details like potential inconveniences don’t get as much attention while planning. But in order to have the perfect day, it’s important to be practical and focused while planning to ensure there’s a plan for any issues that have the potential to interrupt the big day.

The Weather and Climate

In your mind’s eye, your wedding day is probably sunny. But no one can control the weather, which is why you should have a backup plan. There are many touches that you can add to your wedding that will prepare for rain but still keep your event beautiful. After all, kissing in the summer rain is pretty romantic.

Because it can get quite hot during the summer, you can avoid some heat problems by simply scheduling your wedding for the evening when it’s cooler. Similarly, if you are planning on an early spring or late autumn wedding, you might want to schedule it a couple of hours after midday, when the weather is warmest and most comfortable.

Don’t Forget Nature’s Party Crashers

There is probably some person you can think of you’d rather not have at your wedding. But there are certainly animals and especially insects that you won’t want coming to the reception either. Even if you are having the wedding in an outdoor setting that’s used frequently, it’s still a good idea to have a look around for ant hills and other crawlies that might need to be evicted before your special event.

Of course, that won’t help with flying pests. The buzzing of a mosquito can especially ruin a quiet, romantic moment. Talk with your wedding planner or look around to find the best mosquito devices to keep them away.

You can also help to avoid potential discomfort for some of your guests if you let them know beforehand that the wedding will be outdoors. Your loved ones will certainly want to dress their best for the event, and they will appreciate some direction on how to best match with the theme you’re looking for.

While outdoor weddings can be especially romantic and unforgettable, just remember that they require a little extra planning to make sure they’re memorable for the right reasons!
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