Party’s Over – Take care of 3 things before the honeymoon!

For most brides and grooms, the planning involved for their wedding leads up to the special day and night, but concludes after the big day is over. Although many couples assume that the responsibilities and duties are over after they’re married, there are still a few items to take care of before they head off for their honeymoon. However, you can also assign these jobs to some of your bridal party if you really don’t want to be dealing with the ‘necessities’!

Tip the Vendors/Suppliers



Although most vendors’ prices include flat rates that don’t require a tip or add gratuity, there are still several people who you should consider tipping at the wedding. Between the hairstylist, wedding coordinator, make-up artist, chauffeur, officiate, DJ or musician, and videographer, each person should be tipped if you see fit with cash. 
Place the separate cash in different envelopes and label them to avoid confusion. This can be delegated to the wedding coordinator, while the best man or maid-of-honour can provide the coordinator with his or her tip.
For those who went above and beyond, don’t be afraid to send thank you cards out following the wedding. Cards are always very much appreciated and are kept by vendors to show future clients.

Find a Safe Spot for the Gifts

Receiving dozens of gifts that are valued at hundreds of Euro should be expected at any typical wedding. It’s important to find a safe and secure place to store the precious wedding gifts for opening after the honeymoon. It is important to have someone at your wedding delegated to collecting the ‘card gifts’, essentially the cash or vouchers that a lot of people are opting to give instead of gifts nowadays.
Storing them at a friend’s home can be an inconvenience and even a risk to lost or stolen gifts. If it is possible you can get them transported to your home, or have a friend help you with this. Alternatively, parents are always willing to help out with this type of duty!

Return Rentals and Send the Dresses to the dry cleaners!

Planning a wedding often involves renting decor, tables and chairs, linens, and tuxedos. Create a list of each item that isn’t going to be picked up by the vendor and needs to be returned. 
Rented tuxedos usually need to be returned the day after, while decor or chairs vendors will allow a grace period of one to three days for returning the items. Instead of spending hours returning the wedding items the day after the wedding try to delegate family members or people in the wedding party to assist. It will make it easier to have more time preparing for the honeymoon, while also avoiding penalties when trying to return the items on time.
After your wedding day, your dress and those of the bridesmaids if they were bought are going to need to be cleaned sooner rather than later for best preservation especially if you are considering selling them afterwards. Organise where you would like them to go, how much it will cost and ask one of your bridesmaids to take care of this for you. The last thing you want to come home to is a dirty wedding dress when you are on the anti-climax of the wedding preparation and honeymoon!
Most of all enjoy your honeymoon, if these things are taken care of you will have nothing to worry about it!
This is a guest blog from Annette Hazard.
Photo credits: Wedding Girl, Bridal Buds, Mrs2be.

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