Five Unique Wedding Cake Ideas You Will Love!

Weddings are a time to go all out! The one day of your life you can plan around your favourite things and favourite people. One of the biggest elements of planning any wedding is the cake. These are a few ideas for wedding cakes that you can make yourself, and avoid the pitfalls of the plain, boring wedding cake that everybody expects.


Fondant Frosted Cake


Frosting a cake is an acquired skill, and often one of the biggest and most surprising challenges to novice bakers. When it comes to frosting a large, multi-tiered wedding cake, frosting presents quite a trial when using traditional frosting. Fondant icing is becoming increasingly popular for wedding cakes. This particular frosting has a consistency close to dough and makes it very easy to work with as a base for a variety of different types of cakes. If you are afraid of not having the great taste you want, try looking for Buttercream Fondant.


Cake that is not cake

As difficult as it is to believe, not everybody loves cake. If one or both of the parties getting married are not cake lovers, it is not unheard of for the wedding “cake” to be made out of decidedly non-cake ingredients. Cakes made out of ice cream, cakes made from fruit, bread, and even sushi have been done and done successfully. The sky’s the limit!


Disguised Cake

Cake that is made to look like another food or object is becoming increasingly popular – and there is no reason you cannot use this idea for your own wedding cake. While cake that looks like a hamburger, a pair of shoes, or a handbag have all been used for weddings, you can choose your own ambitious idea for a disguised cake.


Humorous Cake
A wedding is not a solemn occasion, so use your own unique style and sense of humour to inject something more into your cake. Some couples like to incorporate their shared sense of humour into their cake. Whether it is a broad joke everyone will appreciate, or an inside joke only the betrothed will understand, humour can and often does have a place in wedding confections.


Geeky Cake
Geek chic seems to take the cake these days at many events. Cakes made to look like video game consouls, science fiction characters, or even mathematical concepts are becoming increasingly common at modern weddings.
These are a few different general ideas to inspire you to design the best cake for your wedding. Have fun brainstorming and deciding what suits you and your other half the best!
 This is a guest post from Brooke Chaplan.
Photographs credits top to bottom: Simply Elegant Cakes, The Knot, Pink Cake Box, Flikr, Beau-Coup.


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