4 Ways to Pay for Your Wedding.

When we ask couples whats important to them when choosing a Wedding Supplier the first thing out of their mouth’s is price.The cost of a wedding is the single biggest challenge and obstacle for most couples… not surprising when couples spend on average about €22,000 on their wedding day.

So how can you pay for your big day?

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1. Save up! 

The average length of an engagement now exceeds 24 months and lies somewhere around the 27 month mark. This means that the average couple needs to save €814.81 a month to have a debt free wedding.

2. Cash in on your inheritance. 

It was tradition that the parents of the bride footed the bill for the wedding. This is not the case so much anymore. Often though parents { both sides } may contribute a sum of money or offer to pay a specific bill or wedding supplier. Have an open discussion with your parents to see if this is an option. { Bare in mind though, when parents contribute financially they will expect to have a certain amount of input/ decision making ability. }

3. Be selective. 

The biggest single cost in your wedding will be your reception. This will account for 35 -50% of your wedding budget. The less people you invite, the less your wedding will cost.

4. Enter the Win Our Wedding Competition! 

Would a cool €20,000 be enough to pay for your wedding? Well then, head on over to www.winourwedding.ie before July 7th, when entries close, and be in for a chance to win €20,000 for your wedding!


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