4 Ideas to Make Your Wedding as Unique as You Are!!

Planning a wedding takes a lot of energy and forethought. From table linens to dresses, you want to make the right decisions while still incorporating your personal style. Standing out in a crowd of like-minded brides is never easy, but here are four ideas to make your wedding as unique as you are.


1. Customized art right from the start.


Your bridal shower invitations set the tone of your wedding, as they’re the first glimpse that people have into the colors and theme of the event. Many brides opt for invitations that hint at the wedding itself, so now is the time to choose customized bridal shower invitations. These can be elegant and traditional or quirky and fun based on what fits your personality. Whatever your personal preferences, you should announce your shower in style and let people know what to expect in terms of theme for the big day.

2. An impressive first dance.


Many couples are ditching the traditional ballroom waltz in favour of a more personalized expression during their first dance as a married couple. You and your spouse can coordinate an elaborate dance or simply opt for non traditional music and dance like no one’s watching. People will enjoy getting a glimpse of your fun side, and you’ll have more fun and feel less pressured by choosing music and a dance that fits your personal styles.


3. The ultimate “candy bar.”

The “candy bar” has been a popular trend for several years because it allows couples to offer their guests a fun dessert table instead of a traditional assortment. Personalize this delightful treat further by incorporating your favourite childhood candies and treats. If you can find vintage candies, then include those, too, for a special blast to the past. Another fun way to add your unique flavour is to include shots of a personalized wedding cocktail (alcoholic or non) created by you and your spouse.


4. Keepsakes they won’t throw out.


Let’s be honest: how many times have you gotten a wedding souvenir and discarded it the moment you got home? Incorporating elements of your personal style with keepsakes will ensure that people actually keep them. One idea is to include a picture of you and your spouse on postcards with the date of the wedding. On the back of each one, write a personal message. You can be as detailed as you like, and people will appreciate the gesture. Plus, since it’s a picture, they won’t be likely to discard it.



This is a guest blog written by Jayla Barnsen, a freelance writer from Oregon.

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