What To Wear So You Stand Out on The Big Day!

Everybody loves weddings, which is probably why so many people between the ages of 25 and 44 get married every year. There is no “right time” to get married. People get married all through the year whether it be in the fall, winter, summer, or spring time. The right time to get married is when you know you’re totally in love. Now that you know the wedding is on it is time to start seriously thinking about what outfit you’re going to wear on the ‘Big Day’. The sooner you begin planning what you are going to wear the better chance you’ll have at being a star of the show, especially if you’re the Bride.
Wedding Guests
If you are a guest of the wedding it can be tough finding the right outfit to wear for the occasion. Some people wear one outfit during the day and change into something else for the evening. You can’t go wrong with a floral blouse and a floral dress to match. If the wedding is in the summer a nice flower design will look great in the sunshine, and also make the transition to evening event seem
Put on some naked heels with a colour that compliments your flower design and you’ll be just about ready for your grand entrance. Since you’re attending a wedding it’s all about the little things so make sure you don’t forget about accessories like a stylish handbag to make your outfit complete.
Where the wedding and reception will be are some things you should take into consideration when you’re planning what to wear. For example, if the wedding is being held in a huge church and the reception is very fancy, then it would a good idea to dress up in a nice dress. If the event is going to be held outside in a garden then it is a good idea to wear something more casual like a summer
dress or dress pants and a shirt.
With whatever outfit you choose just make sure you don’t wear anything black or white. You are not going to a funeral or the office, so avoid dark colours and go with the lighter option. Obviously you don’t want to wear white because this is the colour reserved for the bride, and you don’t want to upstage her on her ‘Big Day’.

Men can wear a nice sweater and tie beneath a blazer, or a nice dress shirt with a pair of dress pants to match, and maybe a tie. Men can get away with wearing a dark tuxedo for the reception at night but never during the day. If you want to wear a suit during the day make sure it is a light coloured suit.

Mother of The Bride
If you’re the bride’s mother it is best to keep it classy, simple, and elegant. Find out from your daughter ahead of time what she plans on having the colour scheme for the wedding. Once you know try to find an outfit that has a combination of colours that match up with the colour scheme of the wedding so you look great in the photos taken at the event.
Choose nice, bright colours for your dress. Choose colours like ivory if the bride is wearing white so you will look similar to the bride and bridesmaids but not completely blend in with them either. Go for a nice mid length dress along with a bolero.
You want a dress that POPS and makes a statement letting everyone know you’re the Mother of the Bride and you look good today. You can check your local bridal shop for cocktail gowns or dresses that would be great. Also, remember to get your hair done, get a manicure, wear some shoes that matches your outfit, and showcase that fancy jewellery you have locked up in your home.





The Bride
When it comes to wedding dress fashion there is always something new. The Bride can always find a look that is perfect for her. More and more women are going with the less traditional coloured dresses.
There are many colours that have become more and more popular with each passing season, but the most popular of them all is pink. If you are not going to wear white then pink is a fantastic choice since it symbolizes love and romance.
For the bride that wants to be more traditional you can wear an elegant white gown with lace. When you’re the bride you’ll have to decide whether or not you’re going to wear a wedding veil. If you do wear a veil go with a classic blusher style veil. Walking down the aisle with a veil is an important tradition for some families so consider making it part of your bridal fashion.

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This is a guest blogpost from John Maddox. Images provided by John Maddox and taken from Stephanie Williams Photography.

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