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Engagement rings are something all us girls love to talk about (and you don’t even need to have a boyfriend!). Here is a blog post from Martin Commins from ‘The Perfect Ring’. You can have a look for yourselves and see what there is to offer on
When it comes to choosing the perfect engagement ring, many options exist for brides to be. The increased use of social media and the internet has made the choice almost endless.A few years ago, people were confined to selecting a diamond ring from their local jewellers and being content with what was available. Today however, we receive updates with every celebrity engagement along with images of their ring. We are kept updated with trends and fashions from other countries and we have a huge range of engagement rings to choose from.  New jewellers have emerged during recent years who can create bespoke engagement rings – you can design your own diamond ring from metal, diamond shape and the shank design with thousands of options to choose from.


The view that a diamond ring is just a ring is truly gone. It is seen as the first purchase in the wedding planning process and is also seen as the most important piece of jewellery you will ever wear. While a designer pair of shoes or a hand bag will eventually wear away or go out of fashion, an engagement ring is the only thing you will wear every day of your life.  For this reason, people’s budget for the diamond ring has not reduced dramatically over the recent past. This is testament to the view that women hold that their ring is their most prized possession.

What designs are most popular


1) With a huge selection of engagement rings to choose from, it is interesting to note that a plain solitaire round cut diamond is the most popular engagement ring.  It’s interesting to note that the simple solitaire, while being most popular has declined in popularity over the past two years due mainly to the increased popularity in alternative styles that now exist.

 emerald engagement_rings
2) Increasing in popularity over the past few years is ‘fancy cut diamonds’. These are basically diamonds which are not round. Princess cut diamonds (square diamonds), oval cut diamonds, marquise cut and emerald cut diamonds have all increased in popularity as many brides to be are looking for something a little bit ‘different’.  These less common diamond shapes give a ring a more unique look while still staying true to the concept of a diamond ring.
3) Sapphires are increasing in popularity over the past few years, mainly due to Kate Middleton. Sapphires are a less expensive alternative to diamonds and can be a pretty alternative to diamonds also.


4) There is also a celebrity influence on our decisions regarding our engagement rings and in particular regarding many women’s decision to choose a coloured diamond. This is a much more expensive option as coloured diamonds are very rare and mainly reserved for the very wealthy and the famous.  Yellow diamonds and pink diamonds can exist at a reasonable budget and are a real statement of individuality. 

ruby-ring5) Other gem stones are also increasing in popularity, namely emeralds, rubies and topaz being the most popular alternatives available and are usually less expensive to traditional diamonds.

6) Antique diamonds have always been popular but have increased in popularity over the past few years due in part to the popularity of tv programmes set in Art Deco and Edwardian periods. These rare pieces of jewellery do come at a premium but are a genuine one of a kind and have a history behind them.


Whatever your style is, make sure you find your perfect engagement ring and find the style that you prefer and most of all that suits your tastes. Your ring should represent your personality and represent you – try on as many as you can and don’t settle for anything less than perfection within your budget.
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