The Perfect Wedding Gift: A Message from the Guests

This post was written by Elizabeth A. Wright. She is a professional writer and always finds the time to choose meaningful gifts for the important people in her life. A keen promoter of the personalised gift experience, Elizabeth believes in the value of a heartfelt gift.

Anyone who has ever been to a wedding will be used to seeing a book, card or canvas going around the reception, eagerly awaiting all the signatures and messages from the guests. It is a simple way to get something special to remember the day and far smaller than creating a collage out of all the wedding cards. With this in mind, there is a new concept emerging in the form of the message plate.

Of all the methods used to collect these messages from guests, the most popular and probably the most sensible is the wedding guest book. It is usually a collection of photos of the couple spread out through an empty hardback book, leaving plenty of space for messages. Once it is completed it can be displayed on a shelf or coffee table or tucked away on a bookshelf, waiting to be opened again. The canvas idea is good in theory, but often ends in a very large collection of messy writing and I wonder how many couples choose to display it on their walls. The message plate is the perfect combination of these two as it displays signatures and messages clearly and can be subtly displayed on a shelf with a small plate stand. It takes up minimal room and will certainly attract the eye.




The plate comes with a suitable pen for guests to write their message and once completed it is simply put in the oven to seal it in. The plate is then 100% protected and could even be used to eat off, although I doubt many people would. It also comes with a silver box to ensure it is protected on the journey to and from the wedding and if there is no room to display it on a shelf. New ways of collecting warm, loving messages from the wedding guests are always interesting and this is certainly a novel idea and becoming increasingly popular.

Naturally, not every couple chooses to collect messages in this way and often it is only the sentimental ones who do. It is certainly a matter of personal taste and what one couple thinks is lovely another couple might think is a waste of time or tacky. Typically, the type of person to love a personalised wedding gift such as a message plate or book is the person who kept their leaving book at school and has a collage of their university experience. Keeping mementos of special occasions is a nice way to remember the day, because we all know that our memories so easily fade without a gentle reminder here and there

As the message plate is not particularly large it is a good idea to include a card explaining what is expected or wanted from guests when the plate is passed around the reception. If it is going around everyone then it is probably advisable to suggest only signatures or names are added, to allow room for everyone. If there are only a few people signing it then you could suggest that they keep it neat and tidy to allow room for as many messages as possible.


Having a message from the guests at your wedding is a really special gift. Even if you choose to hide it away and only bring it out on anniversaries it is a lovely experience to re-read their messages and remember the special time that you had on that day. Perhaps there is a message from someone you haven’t seen in a while or even from someone that has passed away. The message plate, book or canvas preserves memories in a timeless way.

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