Dealing with Wedding Flowers: What NOT to Do

This is a guest blog post from Mary Potter who works with The Flower Exchange on an important and beautiful part of your wedding – Flowers!
Picture in your mind a beautiful wedding scene… Now, remove all of the flowers! Hard to do, right? Weddings and flowers go together like love and marriage, or a horse and carriage, and without flowers the occasion would be missing a vital part of tradition. With that being said, wedding flowers don’t just happen. A lot of effort has to go into them and there is a lot that can go wrong – like these examples.

Asking Your Gardening Friend

Your friend that has a “green thumb” is not the person to request or hire to do the bulk of your wedding flowers. Like mentioned above, it’s more stressful than it sounds. They have to be grown, cut at the right time, transported, arranged, and kept alive and fresh through the whole process. While your friend might be able to help out, don’t put the stress on them to supply everything. Maybe they can manage your bouquet, or the head pieces and lapel buttons.


Too Big of Centre Pieces 


Big, ornate centrepieces full of long stem roses or tiger lilies look fantastic from 20 feet away, but dinner guests can’t see around them to the person they’re trying to talk to. This is even more of an issue when a large centrepiece is displayed on the bride and groom’s table and half of the reception can’t see them at any given point. This doesn’t mean you can’t have fantastical centrepieces, just save them for areas where line of site isn’t a factor. The gift table, along walls, and entrances are all great places for them.

Flowers in Bloom and Outdoor Weddings

Nobody loves an outdoor wedding on a summer afternoon more than me, but be careful if you’re presenting lots of flowers. Your guests won’t be the only people enjoying the flowers, especially if you’re in a rural area (like a vineyard) where a lot of honeybees might be drawn by the succulent flowers. The same can be said for meat dishes attracting unwanted wasps which can be a concern if someone at your wedding is highly allergic to stings.


Waiting Till the Last Minute
It’s easy to put the flowers aside when everything else seems so important. Guest lists, catering, venues, dresses, tuxes, honeymoon plans, and more all outweigh a few flowers, but it’s important to remember that flowers are living things and the more time and communication you have with the florist the better the results will be. It takes additional time to get the flowers shipped in if you want ones that are out of season, and the florist needs to be able to work around these types of situations.


Wedding flowers are a vital part to any wedding so give them the time and energy they deserve, but hold yourself in check when you’re planning. Overdone flowers can be a hassle to florists, your budget, and guests alike so keep it classy and have fun with it. What are some wedding mishaps you’ve experienced with flowers?
Mary Potter loves to write almost as much as she loves to garden. When she’s not in the garden or at a keyboard she works with The Flower Exchange and works with their wholesale flowers. Her favorites are the orchids.

 Photographs are courtesy of Flickr & Pinterest.


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