Wedding Dresses From Top To Toe

A wedding isn’t defined by one piece of material or one shape. Most people prefer to purchase unique weddings dresses with subtle differences to suit the bride to be. The dress you should be wearing totally depends on your body shape, confidence and budget as there are hundreds of dresses to choose from and like every bride you will want the dress of your dreams. One that will not only be comfortable to wear but one that is stunning in its own right (for more help you can visit Here is a top to toe guide of what you could have and what body shapes it suits.
Most women like to have their shoulders bare as the rest of their body is generally covered up, but there are some dresses out there that have sleeves, or you could wear a shawl. If you have broad shoulders then you may want to consider using one of these as leaving them bare and wearing a strapless dress will accentuate those shoulders, and not in a good way. A more modern twist to dresses seems to be having lace panels rather than sleeves or a shawl as they are full of holes, making skin somewhat visible whilst the patterns steer the eye away from areas you don’t want people staring at. Wearing your hair up can also help towards making shoulders look a little less wide.

As we all know breasts come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and we try our best to make them look good and improve on what we’ve got. Bigger breasted ladies need more support to hold the weight, especially with a strapless dress, a great boned corset is perfect to keep your breasts looking pert or a beautiful dress with straps.

Smaller breasted ladies however have a little more trouble as wearing a strapless dress will make you look a little rectangular, unless it is a body hugging dress and you have a fairly curvy body. The way to combat this is to wear a dress that at least has straps or more, wear a bra that will help lift and push them together to create a larger look.
Again, size changes everything on a dress, and the waistline should always be smaller than the bust and hips as this will create curves where you may have none. Wider waistlines can be squished with a bodice or corset style dress, but do be aware that after a while you will feel a little out of breath and achy. Girls with smaller waists should be wearing body hugging dresses to show off that lovely flat tummy. It’s all about working with what you do have and slightly adjusting the things you lack in.

More specifically the skirt. There is an age long battle of length that every woman faces. Longer legged girls may love the allure of a long skirt but this tends to make them look taller when they do not need added height. Wearing flat shoes is the way to go when you are taller than average. You don’t want to tower over the groom!
Girls of a shorter stature need to create the illusion of height. This can not only be done with added length to heels but with long and thin dresses. Depending on how brave you are, you can either go for the usual flowing skirt or you can have a slightly wider or “princess” style dress which is good for girls with narrow hips if you have legs to die for why not show them off in a daring short gown.

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