Top tips to get your wedding guests mingling!

Wedding days are stressful enough without having to worry about whether your guests are having a good time or if they are getting on with one another. Why not prepare yourself using these top mingling tips so that it is not something that you will have to fret about at all!
  1. Be strategic with your table plans! – It is always very hard to know who to seat with who at weddings. The best way to tackle this is have a 50/50 ratio of knowing each other at the table but also consider common interests and age groups as they are most important.
  1. Circular tables only please! – If available at your venue, always opt for circular tables with a maximum of 10 guests. This is far more sociable and encourages much more mingling than square tables where guests will speak to people in front and either side only.


  1. Escort cards – Use escort cards for guests to find their way to their tables rather than lists of names. Whilst finding their names, guests will interact with each other.
  1. Favours – Place favours in a central location rather than on individual place settings. You could also encourage guests to take someone else’s favour (if they are named) and go and try to find that person.
  1. Wedding badges – Name badges (comical or not) are a great way of guests knowing how each person knows the bride and groom. Check out for a great selection of quirky name badges.

  1. The smoking area – Approximately 30% – 50% of your guests will smoke, if you’re at an Irish wedding. I found at a wedding I was at a few years ago the smoking area was so far away from the reception room it segregated the guests and the smokers missed the great songs and dances. When checking out venues see where the smoking area is located to perhaps avoid this problem.


  1. Get dancing! – Kick of the evening disco with songs that have an accompanying dance that everyone knows very well and encourage guests to take part. E.g. Tragedy by Steps, the Macarena, Stop by the Spice Girls.
  1. Trivia Quiz – Have a short trivia quiz on each table with questions about the bride and groom that all the guests at the table can take part in.


  1. Photographs – Arrange a collage of photos or hang photos off string with pegs in the garden area (if there is one) or in the drinks reception area of the bride and groom and family and friends. This will definitely encourage chatting and laughter.


  1. Musical Chairs – Each table is to play musical chairs during the reception. Every other guest should move one place to the left after each course so that everyone gets a chance to talk to one another. This will also get funnier as more drinks have been had!


  1. Guestbook – Chose an alternate guestbook idea such as writing on pieces of Jenga or on a monopoly board. If a lot of your guests are from abroad, choose a map option where guests can pin where they are from and write a message.


  1. Photo booths – Photo booths at weddings are not only a lot of fun but as the night goes on and people get to know each other better you never know what mix of friends and family you may having taking snaps together.
  1. Name settings – Place a funny or interesting fact about each guest inside their neighbours name card and encourage each guest to read them out.
Of course you can’t force your guests to mingle, people will undoubtedly talk to the people they know the best. However using some of the ideas above could result in new friendships, new romances or just an all round good time at your wedding!

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