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Planning a wedding is full of making big decisions, often expensive decisions so you always want to make sure that you have chosen the right thing to do! So when it is all over and done with and you hit the post wedding anti-climax phase, couples really need to have planned a honeymoon of their dreams to keep that rush of adrenaline and sheer happiness going to start their life officially as a married couple.


So I took to researching the top places that honeymooners frequent bearing in mind some couples don’t want to sit on a beach and relax for two weeks, some want to make an adventure out of their holiday! I’m going to talk about three relaxing holidays and three more ‘get up and go’ type holidays. Here are my discoveries….reading this will make you want to go abroad and see the world, trust me!



Sugar Beach, a Viceroy Resort, St. Lucia, the Caribbean


sugar beach, st lucia

This little gem kept cropping up everywhere I was looking and undoubtedly for a reason! This is UNESCO territory and the resort lies among 100 acres of luscious rainforest. The villas are dotted on the hillside overlooking the stunning golden sands between the PitonPeaks. The Rainforest Spa is located here with tree house treatment rooms!


honeymoon destination 2

There are a few options for your accommodation from villas between the peaks to beachside bungalows or rooms in the residences themselves. This luxurious destination prides itself in relaxing, mood enhancing and gorgeous décor. With top quality restaurant, bars and lounges on site you have everything you need right on your doorstep.
Some things just to bear in mind for this Caribbean island is that rainy season runs from June to December, hurricane season from June to November, these are conditions that you may not desire and high season is from December to April so prices could be higher.


The Maldives, The Indian Ocean



For sheer relaxation in utter paradise, the Maldivesboast tranquil and picturesque settings that allow your romance to further blossom. The Maldivesare compromised of a thousand islands grouped together in clear blue crystal water with white sand beaches and that tropical island feel and atmosphere. Picture yourselves lying on a beach lounger, cocktail in hand, warm air and the sound of the little waves hitting the beach, this is what you will find here!



There are plenty of things to do on the islands as well as taking it easy on a beach. With coral reefs that will blow you away, there are options to go snorkelling and scuba diving with some of the best schools in the world.

Best time of the year to visit the Maldivesis between December and April; you will be guaranteed more sunshine then although it is comfortably warm all year round.


Greek IslandHopping, Greece

Yet another true place of utter paradise located much closer to Irelandthan other destinations but has just as much beauty, scenery and romantic qualities as its competitors further afield! The beauty of honeymooning in the GreekIslandsis that you are going to want to ‘hop’ literally from one island to the next. So you can obviously relax, unwind and enjoy every bit of each destination for its unique qualities and stunning beaches. Greece is also laced with so much ancient history that their culture is one to be experienced and enjoyed. Fly into Athens and spend a few days there first as it is a must see city in Europe.



Being one of the top honeymoon destinations, couples will find that resorts already have packages with the islands best activities, adventure tours, relaxing spa treatments, dinners, trips etc. Some resorts allow couples to tailor make their own packages. It is imperative to check out what all the islands have to offer before you book so that you are getting the best out of your holiday!
Best time to visit the GreekIslands…..April to October for the sunny and dry weather you will want. July and August are the hottest months, but the busiest months!


African Safari, Africa


An African honeymoon can be just as romantic as one of those on a beach in tropical paradise. You can always combine this part of your honeymoon with a week afterwards on an island in the Indian Ocean. Imagine being in the seclusion of the African wilderness, no other people to bother you, just you and your new partner. You may have spent the day trekking around the wilderness, spotting animals you have never seen before in their natural habitat amongst a setting which can only be described as having that mysterious feeling.
There are quite a few options for you to choose from when it comes to where you go and what you want to do in Africa. You can combine safaris with the following amazing options: Victoria Falls, Cape Town, Zanzibar, Mozambique, MandaBay and KrugerParkto name just a few.



With magnificent rustic African lodges, ultimate adventure experiences and luxurious island experiences, Africa is a top place to venture on your holiday of a lifetime!





Probably one of the furthest places you can fly to if you are coming from Europe Australia’s sheer vastness ensures that this country has everything to offer you on your honeymoon from dazzling superb cities to tropical islands to the Australian outback. If you have enough time off your normal daily lives, take a month to explore this country for what it has to offer.



There are very few major cities in Australia and most of them are dotted along the east coast. Sydney is one of the best cities in the world combining the fantastic harbours, skyscrapers, fabulous close to the city beaches and fine dining and drinking experiences. Melbournewith its European ambiance, winding small streets and huge character make it just as appealing as Sydney. Brisbane and Cairnsare cities that you will come across if you choose to drive the east coast, stopping at striking beaches, surfer towns or paradise locations. Stop off along the way and take a trip to the WhitsundayIslands (a popular spot for honeymooning Ozzies) or FraserIsland. To the North of the Country on the east side there is the likes of DaintreeForest, with their tropical climate rainforests comb a lot of the northern tip. To the West is the unforgettable drive from Broome down passing Perth, and swinging around the south west tip to drive along the Great Ocean Rd. You never know what you might see on these drives, kangaroos, huge cliff tops, outstanding beaches, and luscious rainforests. Or if you prefer travel into the centre of the country to Uluru, the mysterious Ayers Rocks where you are literally in the middle of nothing where the true feel for the vastness and reality of the Outback can be appreciated!
Australia has opposite seasons to Ireland and most parts of the country apart from the north can get chilly in the winter months. It is important to pick when to go and even when you are in the country when the best times are to visit particular areas such as Queensland as it can experience the tropical rainy season.
I can say from personal experience, if I hadn’t been there before Australiawould be on my top list of places to go as it has absolutely everything to offer you!



Yet another massive country with so much to offer, Brazilis like lots of small different countries grouped into one. A short flight from Rio to the north will transport you into a totally different realm where you think you boarded a plane to Africa. Brazil has fantastic nightlife, cities, the Amazon rainforest, paradise beaches and oozes culture like you wouldn’t believe! This is one of those types of holidays where you won’t want to stay in just the one destination.
Brazil is divided up into many different provinces, where wealth divide is hugely apparent and the influence of different cultures quite evident. The south is the wealthiest with the big cities like Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo but boasts beautiful destinations such as Belo Horizonte. Try organising your honeymoon around carnival, definitely an experience to remember. Further north, it gets more tropical, beautiful and blissful as you approach the equator. There is huge African influence here from the times of the plantation. Head up on a trip to the Amazon or perhaps visit the Pantanal, one of the world’s largest tropical wetland areas that spreads across Boliviaand Paraguay. A must see is Iguazu Falls, magnificent thundering waterfalls that border Argentina and Paraguay. If you have lots of time on your hands there are plenty of South American countries bordering Brazilwaiting to be indulged by honeymooners!
The really is no bad time to visit Brazil, it has a great climate with temperatures ranging from 15 to 35 degrees with the warmest time being December to February. However this is also the busiest time so watch the prices!


I hope that this has given you some insight into what the world has to offer you and your new spouse on that special holiday you will always remember. It is a big decision so definitely make the right one!

Images taken from The Guardian, The Viceroy Resort Website, flikr.com, Africansafari.com, shedexpedition.com. asiasociety.

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