The Ultimate List of Emergency supplies for the Big Day!

ultimate list of emergency supplies
Wedding days can be very long and anything can happen! It is necessary to be prepared for slight disasters or sicknesses and to provide products for freshening up. I’m not even talking about just for the bridal party, this is also for your….dare I be sexist…..female guests (men really don’t pamper or need to fix themselves!). It is becoming very common for brides to prepare a ‘kit’ for the ladies toilets that has absolutely everything that someone may need on the day of the wedding. This is also a great survival kit for the bride and bridesmaids themselves, double up on what you purchase and everyone will be happy!

Looking after the do’s

ultimate list of emergency supplies 2

– hairspray
– bobbi pins
– hair bobons
– soft hairbands
– dry hair shampoo
– hair brush
– comb

Smelling nice!

– deodorant
– body spray
– choices of perfume

For fresh breath!

– mouthwash
– toothpicks
– breathmints
– tic tacs


– nail file
– nail polish remover
– handcream
– selection of common nail colours (for chips)

ultimate list of emergency supplies 3

Fresh Faced

– face wipes
– cleanser
– moisturiser
– water spray
– vaseline

Little fixes

– sewing kit
– clear nail polish for runs in tights
– safety pins
– scotch tape
– hem tape
– matches
– scissors
– plasters
– white chalk (masks stains)

Things you wouldn’t think of

ultimate list of emergency supplies 4

– cotton wool
– tampons/sanitary towels
– krazy glue (for fixing heels, fascinators, fasteners on shoes/bags!)
– suncream (depending on the time of year)
– extra earring backs
– eye drops
– tweezers
– babywipes
– cotton buds
– talcum powder
– contact lenses solution
– stain remover pen
ultimate list of emergency supplies 5

– paracetamol
– ibuprofen
– cough lozengers
– motilium
– tylenol
– antacid
– blister protection

Cute touches

– flip flops in several sizes (for sore feet!)
– smelling salts (in case anyone feels faint – it does work!)
– spare sets of nude coloured tights
– bottles of water
– energy bars
– party feet
– makeup essentials (if budget or your own collection allows)
– universal phone charger
– batteries (for cameras)

ultimate list of emergency supplies 6
This may solve any incidents like this one!!!
Images courtesy of Beautify Bride, Wilmington Bride, EA bride, Pinterest,  Premier Bridal Magazine
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