Las Vegas Weddings: Out of Town Wedding Guest Welcome Baskets

There is no nicer way to greet your inbound destination wedding guests than with the perfect Out of Town wedding guest welcome basket. Filled with treats that celebrate local culture and attractions, welcome baskets help make your guests feel at home.

Great Information

Every welcome bag or basket should include relevant and helpful information for your VIP guests. Maps, lists of your favorite local attractions, show schedules and restaurant recommendations are standard inclusions. When planning a Las Vegas Wedding, for example, give guests a layout of The Strip and Fremont Street. Consider having a custom map printed that highlights your favorite casinos and night spots. An itinerary of major wedding-related times and events can also be very helpful. Make sure to include practical general information like the best transportation options while in town, insider tips about traffic and weather
conditions and emergency contact info in case your guests need a little extra help.

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Amenities and Necessities

It’s a good idea to include some basic amenities in your welcome baskets. Las Vegas wedding guests may forget some everyday local must-haves like bottled water and sunscreen. Snacks at major hotels can be expensive, so including cheese and crackers, or a couple of candy items can help while weary travelers are first settling in. Go the extra mile and make your baskets personal by featuring some of each of your favorite childhood (or even current favorite) snacks.

Local Flavor

Capture the local flavor by including items with regional significance. A basket for a wedding in Ireland, for example, may include an assortment of local teas, a bottle opener or perhaps a pair of wool socks for the potentially cool weather. If you are planning an upscale or more sophisticated affair, source local wines or add in a bottle of your favorite bubbly with personalized toasting flutes.

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Include a Personalized Note of Thanks

Always include a note from yourselves to your guests thanking them for making the extra effort to travel in order to celebrate your important day. Hand sign a letter or card for each basket and your guests will know you care.

Plot out Distribution and Call Hotel Properties in Advance

Finally, do the necessary legwork to ensure smooth delivery of your out of town guest welcome baskets. Some hotels require certain labeling on each bag, and other will charge a fee to have them delivered to the guest room at check-in. Confirm the specifications for your guests’ hotels in advance and you’ll ensure that your thoughtful gifts are received, and appreciated, by your loved ones as planned!

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