Jessica & Luke’s wedding day by photographer Phillip Bourke

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Last year ended well with a great wedding shoot which started in Waterford and ended at the Brandon in Wexford on New Years Eve, and the New Year started off very early in January with a visit to Ballintaggart in Dingle.
The 3rd of January was a mild enough day so I had a fair idea of what would happen overall on the day, and with that I mean that images could be created both indoors and outdoors, which makes a big difference with regards to the final edit. I’d spent a very cold and dark December shooting mainly indoors and that in itself produces a challenge and one of which I was definitely up for, and the work I completed during the month of December showed that I took my overall style and attitude to a new level, in particular, moving around and among over 200 guests at Vienna Woods in late December brought out a new dynamic, low light, packed room, fast lens and seems of energy.
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For Jessica & Luke it would be different. They were having a Civil Ceremony in Ballintaggart House in Dingle, Co. Kerry. They both had travelled with their families and friends from the USA for this unique and intimate day and I was delighted to be asked to photograph and document their wedding day in images. From speaking to Jessica prior to the wedding day, she knew exactly what I could do and that gave her such a strong feeling about her own wedding day, and I was excited because both Jessica & Luke would allow me the complete freedom to do my job, and for me the only way it SHOULD be done, and all within the intimate setting of Ballintaggart in Dingle.

And while I have been to Ballintaggart on a number of occasions, I always stress that each day will be completely different, each day must have its own pulse and energy, and I know couples love to hear this. But each day must be unique, it has to be. Too many weddings look completely dull when the images are viewed, some like this approach but time will will the big telling point. If you are told and instructed how to look and be on your wedding day then that will never be timeless. Captured candidly and in a natural manner the pictures and images will never tire but will always have a strong spirit.

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I hit Ballintaggart at about 11:00am that morning and right from the off everybody seemed to know what I was doing and how I was going to go about photographing the day so that my my job easier, and early on I was delighted. I could focus 100%. I just want to take photographs and without distraction. Wedding guests in general want to chat and talk and enjoy the day. Both parties very happy. At times, people wonder what the photographer will ask of them, I suppose it is an expectation laid down by generic Wedding Photography, what with the sets up and that laziness, but as I have said over and over, all I do is turn up and take photographs. What ever happens on the day, well, I will be there to photograph it.

The couple had a good idea of what would happen on the day, and for me it was simple. Stick with them and get into the spirit of the day and tap into who these people are, and that is the main objective for me as a documentary photographer. It is not just candid for the sake of being candid, it’s articulating the entire energy of the day, the bond, the intimacy and the fun. Going through the day, right from the morning prep with the girls, to the boys hanging in the hall, the intimacy of the ceremony, Jessica & Luke sharing some quite moments on the beach to the bridal party suppin’ Guinness in Dick Macks, it all flowed very well, the day really ebbed and flowed and the pints certainly flowed on a quite yet atmospheric Dick Macks early in the evening…. Then it was dusk, back to Ballintaggart House for some fine food. And it is very fine!
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Jessica & Luke now have a set of images that tell the story of their wedding day and their trip to Ireland early in January in 2013, the pictures will always be there to tell their story, right away once I view the images I can feel the cool breeze of the day and the tone in the air that early January day.Photographs and blogpost by photographer Philip Bourke.
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