Get Fit, Celebrity Style before your wedding day!

Summer is just around the corner and it’s time to get serious about shaping up!
I’m in the midst of training { for some pretty minor marathons }… anything to shift the bulge 🙂 so when this popped into my inbox { from our wonderful friends at } it got me thinking… Who else needs help getting fit for their wedding?? { Maybe we’ll devise a special WH Boot Camp just for those that do… would you be interested? } 
In the mean time… 
Of course every bride would like to look her best on her wedding day, and as summer is just around the corner the bride and bridal part aren’t the only ones that will need a little push to hit the gym and get a bit sweaty. Who doesn’t want the Jessica Biel booty, or Halle Berry’s tight abs, or how about Kate Hudson’s sexy back?
This infographic is loaded with targeted exercises the Hollywood Stars use and swear by. Have a look and then print it out and check off the days as you go! To download and print this wonderful guide visit SimplyBridal’s blog at (, then just click “download” and print. 
Want that beach body for the summer? Now get motivated!!
Get Celebrity Fit
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