How to choose the right bridesmaid & their duties!

As a newly engaged bride I think it is safe to say you will not be short of ladies by your side offering their assistance in the hope to be chosen as a bridesmaid. But how do you know whom of them will be in it for the long haul? Choosing your bridesmaids is an important task which should be carried out early in your wedding planning. You will need help and assistance along the way and you must figure out who will be there to help. You should also think about what you will ask of your bridesmaids, what exactly are their duties?



Most brides include sisters, best friends and even cousins within their group of bridesmaids. You may decide to have 2 bridesmaids or even 12! The choice is yours. Only ask those who you know will put the time and effort into playing the part. Of course we understand that each has their own life to get along with throughout the wedding planning process, but there is nothing worse than an uninterested bridesmaid! You also might want consider your wedding budget when it comes to choosing your special ladies. Another dress, shoes, bouquet, hair and make – up application come along with every additional bridesmaid. You may be surprised how much this might add to your overall budget!
Once you have chosen and asked your bridesmaids to become a part of your wedding the real planning begins! Time to make out the never ending list of tasks you expect them to carry out… If you are a bridezilla that is! But seriously it can be a good idea to let your bridesmaids know of the things you would ask of them to take care of. This will depend on bride to bride. For example some brides leave it to the Maid of Honour and bridesmaids to plan the entire hen party, while others prefer to take control and do the planning themselves. After all who knows what surprises they could have in store!



There is no denying that wedding planning can be stressful, but it also should be enjoyable. Have fun with the girls while they help you plan the wedding! What better an excuse to plan wedding planning ‘meetings’ over a bottle of wine, or three! You should also remember that although your wedding day may be the only thing you can think about during these months, your bridesmaids have their own life, job and even family that must go on also. Don’t be too hard on them if they can’t be by your side at every moment along the way! If they are slipping up, you can always threaten them with hideous looking bridesmaid dresses…
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