Five Things You Didn’t Think Of To Make Your Wedding Amazing!!

Every couple wants their wedding to be amazing. But sometimes, it can be difficult to ensure yours really stands our from the crowd. Here are five ideas to help you do just that!
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1. Give the guests something to read and talk about. Instead of a simple one-page wedding program,
put together a small booklet with your story, fun facts about you two, and maybe even some silly
icebreaker questions or games to help people get to know each other at the wedding. If you’re not sure
how to make a small booklet, it’s very simple. Talk to a local print shop to see if they could do the job.

2. Hide secret messages for your significant other to find throughout the day. Put notes in their
dressing room, slip something under their plate at the reception, take turns going to the bathroom and
leaving each other mushy voicemails, or come up with a secret gesture or code that means “I love you.”
Secret flirting is a wonderful way to communicate your love to each other even while surrounded by all
your friends.

3.Make the celebration all weekend long. Wedding celebrations could take several days in olden times,
so revive that tradition a little bit. Have a variety of activities your guests can participate in with you –
a barbecue, a movie, a trip to a museum. This will make your wedding unforgettable and allow you to
spend time with everyone who came without feeling rushed.

4. Fill the reception with little games. Dancing, eating and drinking are great, but keep things fresh and
interesting for everyone by incorporating games into the flow of things. You can even play traditional
bridal shower games – the kind appropriate for the whole family, of course. Have people work together
to imagine a dazzling future for you or compete to come up with the worst wedding song ever.

5. Write a letter to Mom and Dad, and place it on their seat before the ceremony begins. It could
be a thank you for the wedding or a tribute to their own marriage – anything that’s going to mean
something to them. It’s a wonderful way to acknowledge their help. If you want to go the extra mile,
write one for your new in-laws as well, thanking them for welcoming you into their family.

Author Bio: Casey Haslem: I’m a 25 year old writer. My hobbies are reading, painting and pretending I know how to write a book (I don’t). I love meeting people and making new friends. Writing opens up a whole world of new ideas and possibilities for me. I wouldn’t change a thing.

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