Stag and Hen Nights in the UK

Whether you are a traditional stag or hen or you prefer the more modern bachelor or bachelorette moniker it is almost certain that before the big day the bride and groom will be separated to have a party with their friends. But is the traditional boozy night/weekend still the de rigueur? Or are a more eclectic range of stag and hen activities taking center stage?
The Sauce 

There is no getting away from it, alcohol is still playing a big part in the celebrations with 71% of all stag and hen dos involving pubs, clubs and bars. That said, despite a majority of celebrations involving inebriation, the growing popularity of alternative activities would suggest that drinking is quickly becoming the late-evening part of the modern stag and hen do as opposed to the sole activity of an all-day bender or dinner time to dusk binge.
Getting Physical 

Outdoor activities are becoming popular with stags and hens and 24% of all dos now involve some sort of sport or extreme sport activity. Speaking from personal experience the last couple of stag dos I have attended have involved archery, clay pigeon shooting and canyoning (essentially jumping off cliffs and water falls in the Scottish highlands). This isn’t to suggest that physical activities are just for the boys of course; hen parties can get physical too by doing anything the boys do too. Some, perhaps more feminine focused, physical activities growing in popularity are horse riding, polo and skiing. If you do fancy a sporty stag or hen party then any activities that involve teamwork or a competitive element are likely to be the most popular with a large group.
Heading Abroad 

The European stag and hen weekend is a popular option these days but anyone considering this should be aware of the finances and time management capabilities of their friends. Plenty of advance warning is important so you can get a comprehensive list of attendees and nobody is scared off by being told they need to be in Amsterdam in three weeks’ time.
Adult Entertainment 

Adult entertainment features in 26% of stag and hen celebrations and, while dancing girls and Chippendale impersonators have been always been associated with these parties, the sexualisation of stag and hen parties is something that is making an increasing number of people uncomfortable. Of course, there is absolutely no need to be prudish on your party but, if you are hiring adult entertainment for your do, it is always worth considering who you are inviting and how they will feel about it.

Throwing a stag or hen party is becoming quite a task due to the myriad of options available and often expected by stags, hens and their friends. With all these options available it does mean that there is more chance for whoever is organising the event to plan a day or night that will appeal to not only to everyone invited but, most importantly, to the bride and groom to be.
Author Bio: Kevin Ball is a writer who is getting married later this year and is currently mulling over his own Stag Do preparation.  Kevin does think it is important to get the booze/activity balance right so that all the fun can be remembered afterwards.
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