Simple, Cheap, Fun, Wedding Photo Backdrop Idea!

This I love! Its is so easy, so cheap and so fun!


wedding balloons

Photobooths at weddings have almost become a must! Keeping them fresh, fun and different can often be a challenge… particularly if you are on a budget and can’t necessarily afford all the bells and whistles the pros are offering you. 

Maybe you don’t need too? How fun is this idea of filling a small room or cornered area with balloons will give you this fabulous backdrop for your photobooth! { a mixture of helium and non-helium filled balloons will give you this effect}

I particularly love this one in a single colour but I bet it would work equally as well in 2 or multiple colours! 

What do you think, is this something you will have at your wedding?

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  1. by Anonymous on April 3, 2013  7:34 pm Reply

    That's a nightmare for anyone with a latex allergy.

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