The benefits & how to prepare for a Beach Wedding.

When scrolling through wedding blogs or flipping through magazines, you have undoubtedly encountered magnificent shots of brides and grooms exchanging vows as they stand hand-in-hand by the rolling ocean tide. Such shots look marvelously beautiful and effortless, but the natural grace is not achieved without a little bit of forethought. Below are some components that will help you decide whether or not beach weddings are for you, as well as factors to be aware of when beginning the planning process.  

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The benefits of a beach wedding:


1)      The most obvious benefit of holding your nuptials alongside the ocean is the breathtaking backdrop that frames the ceremony. Because of the surrounding natural splendor, minimal decorating is required; instead of spending thousands on costly flowers, couples can enhance the preexisting beauty with simple, elegant adornments like seashells or embellishments from Beach Wedding Favours.  With most beachside weddings, the ceremony and reception are held in the same spot, reducing the hassles of renting two separate venues and arranging transportation.

2)      The outdoorsy feel of a beach wedding is perfect for couples who want a more casual affair. Tuxedos and filet mignon would seem out of place (if not impractical) when situated next to the sunny ocean, while khaki pants and light finger sandwiches seamlessly suit. This is a locale in which guests will be able to forego formality to relax and have fun – the ocean and beach will be sure to entertain guests of all ages, so you don’t have to worry about keeping them amused with various bells and whistles.

3)      While some of us might be a short distance from Rossnowlagh Beach, many of us find the idea of a wedding along a shore to be somewhat exotic and are inclined to think of this as the perfect opportunity for a destination wedding. Traveling for the wedding has many perks, like the fact that it is much easier to keep the invite list small for a ceremony held in Jamaica than one held three kilometers down the road. Furthermore, you are perfectly positioned to take a nearby, tropical honeymoon that is a short drive or flight away.


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What to be prepared for at a beach wedding:


1)      While the casualness of beach weddings can make them infinitely enjoyable, it can also be somewhat restricting. Brides will want to sidestep thick materials and long trains that will drag in the dirty sand, high heels that sink into the sand and veils that get annoying whipped up in the strong ocean breeze. Brides will also have to come to terms with the idea that their hairstyle will potentially be ripped at by strong gusts –  consider strategically messy buns, tousled braids, loose chignons, flirty waves and hairstyles with half of the strands casually pinned back – all looks that won’t appear ruined if a strand or two is blown out of place. Additionally, to prevent the summer heat from ruining their makeup, brides will want to take certain measures with their cosmetics that can limit what they can easily wear.  

2)      One reason that beach weddings are gorgeous is that they’re set against the backdrop of pure, unrestrained nature. However, inability to control the weather leaves couples at the mercy of the elements so it is wise to book an alternative venue for those unpredicted rainy days. However, even something like a frenzied wind can take hold of a beach wedding, so couples will want to taper the breeze using canopies or wind screens, and hold down light paper products weights that serve additional purposes, like American Bridal’s place card holders and wedding favours. When it comes to centerpieces and lighting, opt for those made from materials that are sturdy and won’t shatter if knocked over.

3)      Local ordinances could curb your vision of a dream wedding, so make sure to check about the rules involving permits, open flames, noise violations and more. Additionally, be prepared for the fact that the people on your guest list might not being the only ones popping into pictures. Unless you block of the entire beach or rent a private estate, don’t be surprised if a stranger or two is seen walking in the background. Plus, let us not forget about the bugs and birds! It is advisable to keep food covered at all times and have bug spray on hand.

Beach weddings are both affordable and absolutely charming. With planning and creativity, you can easily craft your dream affair as well as beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. 

Author Bio: When Cordelia Wolfe helped to plan her sister’s wedding in 2008, she fell in love with the world of white veils, ornate cakes, flowing dresses and festive celebrations. Since then, she has left her job as a secondary school teacher to become a bridal consultant so she can help other couples make their dream wedding a reality.

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  1. by Rings on April 7, 2013  4:28 pm Reply

    Love the idea of a beach wedding, always appealed to me but the thoughts of having a wedding on a beach in Dublin or anywhere in Ireland scares me a bit too much but definitely a beautiful idea.

  2. by Wedding High on April 8, 2013  12:34 pm Reply

    So true, but if you get that window of weather, even in Ireland, it can be absolutely stunning :)

  3. by Rachel Lannister on April 25, 2017  6:34 pm Reply

    I loved your advice about being prepared for the weather, as beaches can have unpredictable weather at times. My sister has always wanted to get married at the beach, and I thought we should look up some information on it. I'll have to find a good service that hosts these kind of beach weddings, as they would probably have all the equipment you need to ensure the wedding goes as planned. Thanks for the terrific read.

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